Not Worried About Justice League Reshoots

A recent trend I’ve noticed is that everything concerning the DC Extended Universe gets analyzed and dissected more than most big budget movies. Ever since Joss Whedon took over directing duties for Zack Snyder on Justice League, the microscope has been further analyzed on the film. Recent reports came out that the film was deemed “unwatchable” by Warner Bros. execs. Now if this is true or not, who is to say. But I know personally I am not worried about the reshoots or additional photography, whatever you want to call it, as it is clear that the studio is trying to make the best film possible.

I don’t know why reshoots came to be such a taboo thing. If you see a problem with a film and you have the ability to fix it, why not do it? The fact that everything must be perfect from the start is an insane concept in itself as well. So if there are problems with Justice League and I do think that there are, then take the time to fix them. If the film came out “unwatchable” and was released as that, people would jump on the film even harder than if they didn’t. So it’s kind of a lose lose situation.

Sure these reshoots are a bit more than typical but sometimes that happens. Does not necessarily mean that the film will be a wreck. Apocalypse Now and the recent Rogue One are examples of films that underwent massive reshoots and the films turned out fine. Of course it can turn out the other way but that can happen on films that did not undergo reshoots. So it’s all just a process.

You don’t necessarily turn in a class paper with your first draft. Some people feel content with that and it turns out fine. Others work on it until the very end and it also turns out fine. The opposite effects happen for both situations as well. Making a film is similar to this. I hope that the film is a success as I love the DC superheroes and want them to prosper on film.

So here’s a sort of new poster for the Justice League film


Doomsday Clock Revealed

The time has finally come for Doctor Manhattan’s meddling with the DC Universe to be revealed. Ever since DC Rebirth in 2016, there have been strong hints about who meddled with the DC Universe. As of this writing it still has not been fully confirmed in story as to who it is. It has been strongly been hinted to be Doctor Manhattan. I figured that it might be a misdirect and it still might be but writer, Geoff Johns, specifically mentions Doctor Manhattan by name.

The mystery of why the good Doctor has been doing what he’s doing is one of the biggest mysteries since Rebirth. Multiple heroes and villains have been kidnapped and kept in a prison for unknown reasons. Characters that have powers beyond the extraordinary such as Mister Mxyzptlk are aware of a bigger threat but are seemingly unaware of the more finer details such as the who. Then there is the character of Mr. Oz who has been appearing since before Rebirth and is seemingly a key to solving the mystery with a special interest in Superman

Superman has seen the biggest change since Rebirth happening. Recently the older who appeared post Crisis on Infinite Earths and the younger one who appeared post Flashpoint have fused into one being with a mix of both characters’ histories. Geoff Johns mentions how the contrast between Doctor Manhattan and Superman is the key conflict between the two. With Doctor Manhattan whose powers are so extreme that he has become alien to humans despite being one. Superman, the alien, despite his abilities embraces the humanity.

It is refreshing to see a major DC Comics storyline revolve around Superman. It should be important to remind people as to why Superman is important and necessary despite being a “goody two shoes” and “boy scout” when he really isn’t either of those. The contrast between two beings that people relate to Gods will be interesting to see. Superman cannot have a fist fight with Doctor Manhattan who can atomize beings with a simple thought. So what will their conflict ultimately boil down to?

I will be heading to my local comic book store to check out what this story leads to. How it will shape the DC Universe going forward.

Justice League Trailer Takeaway

First thing first, no Superman. We all know that the Man of Steel is in the movie and probably more than a cameo. They even brought Henry Cavill out at San Diego Comic Con 2016 to show that he was in the movie. We know Lex Luthor and Lois Lane both play important roles in the movie. We even see a brief shot of Lois Lane looking towards the sky. Maybe she’s looking at her returned love. Who’s to say? But I can commend Warner Bros. on playing coy about Superman.

But other than that, I think it was a good trailer. We see how Batman is the one to bring the team together. This was hinted at in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. We still don’t know the extent of Wonder Woman’s role in forming the team. She really does not play that much of an element in the trailer. Instead it mainly focuses on the three new heroes who were introduced in cameos in BvS.

The Flash was always going to have the hardest time. The superhero already has a hit television show on The CW. We even see that they have the same origins with the father being in prison after being falsely accused of murder of Barry’s mother. The way that The Flash’s powers work in this universe make him much more faster than any other live action incarnation. Plus Ezra Miller is the total opposite of what Barry Allen traditionally looks like and younger as well. He does look much like Robin than Allen but he looks to be Batman’s sidekick in the movie.

Cyborg is the one who gets the least amount of screentime in the trailer. I figure this may be due to the heavy special effects nature of his character and these shots might not be done. But we do get a sense of his abilities and what he is capable of. In BvS it looked like a Mother Box (powerful tools used by the New Gods…it’s complicated) helped form him into what he is now. We know that the forces of Apokolips play an important part in this movie as the main antagonist but it makes you wonder what Cyborg will function as.

Aquaman looks to be the life of the party. The one who gets off on the thrill of battle. Nothing cooler than seeing Aquaman ride on top of the Batmobile while Batman can only smirk. There is a quick shot of Mera in the trailer as well. It is known that a Mother Box resides with the Atlanteans but we do not know Aquaman’s status with Atlantis. It will be interesting to see his dynamic with Batman as he seems to grate on Batman at best.

We also see a lighter side of Batman in this. I was not a fan of the way Batman was in BvS. Talking about how “you’re not a man” and “men are brave” and all that. It was all a little too xenophobic for me. But this movie seems to have taken a step back. While Batman will probably not be cracking jokes, he does have a dry wit about him. This is apparent in most of his interactions shown in the trailer with Aquaman, The Flash and Commissioner Gordon. By the way, J.K. Simmons looks great as Gordon.

There is not much to the trailer other than mostly battle scenes which are good and bad. Hopefully WB does not do what they did with BvS and ruin all the set pieces before the movie even premieres. Justice League looks to be fluffy fun which is something that the DCEU can use at the moment. Remember The Avengers in 2012, there was not much in terms of plot when it came to that moment. This movie looks to be following suit as well as assemble the team (and possibly resurrect Superman) and kick ass. I honestly hope this movie does not suck.

Why Superman Should Stay Out of Justice League Advertisements

It is no secret that Superman will be in Justice League. Now if you do not know, Superman is “dead” after the events of Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. Now we all knew from the instant that he died that it was going to be something that was not going to stick. Henry Cavill was brought out in front of the San Diego Comic Con crowd last year where director, Zack Snyder, even announced he would be in the movie.  Paraphrasing, “You cannot have a Justice League without Superman.” and that is a very true statement. So why should they keep him out of the advertisements?

But other than one photo where Superman was shown with the team and a blink and you’ll miss it appearance in a behind the scenes video of the set, there is no indication of Superman being in the movie. This is a good thing. Thing back to when The Force Awakens was being promoted and advertised. Other than a quick shot of Luke Skywalker’s hand and some reused dialogue, there was no indication of him being in the movie despite everyone knowing that he was. This should be the case with Superman in Justice League.

When the set visit news from the film was released, there were two things that many noted. That Superman was acknowledged as being in the film but vaguely and the things from the third act were still kept secretive. It is not hard to think the two things being linked with one another. How does Superman return? When exactly does he return? Who plays a role in his return? These are all things that should be kept secret until the movie is revealed. Even in the plot synopsis it is noted how important Superman’s supposed death shapes the team. He cannot return early in the film.

Think about how special it will be when after about an hour and a half into the movie, we finally get to see Superman return. He certainly will not look the same as he did at the end of the movie. Henry Cavill has teased the appearance of Superman’s black costume that he wore in the comics after the character returned from the dead. The character also sported an infamous mullet, but who knows if that will carry over into the film.

Superman is the first major superhero and probably the most important. It has been noted that so far in the DCEU, he has not been treated the best. What better way to redeem the character by keeping him out of the spotlight to be built up in the film? That way when he finally does return, it will be all the more important and powerful. You can show him in advertisements after the movie is released because once it’s out, it’s out. Either way, it will be exciting to see how Superman returns and just how.


Justice League Image Revealed…But What Are They Looking At?

2017 is upon us and that means it is time for more information about blockbusters to be revealed. Other than a set visit and certain images, not much has been revealed about the upcoming Justice League. We know the lineup, we know the villain and the basic plot. But with what is known, there are still a lot of questions especially concerning Superman himself. 

We see in this image that the team is leaving some sort of ship and are staring into a field. Well where was Clark Kent/Superman buried? In a field. Is this a subtle way yet not actually showing the team going to see the body of the Man of Steel? We know that Superman isn’t dead per se but his role in the movie is being kept under wraps. This is similar to the Luke Skywalker situation in The Force Awakens.

Either way it is a nice image of the team before the one key member returns. Justice League will be released in November. 

DC Rebirth Has Reinvigorated My Love for Superman

So since the DC Rebirth event, the post Crisis on Infinite Earth’s Superman has once again become the de facto Superman in comics. But with him, he also has brought with him the post Crisis Lois Lane and those two have produced a young son, Jonathan Kent aka Superboy. So while it is the return of a familiar Superman, what is old is new again. This Superman now has a lot more at stake than once before. He no longer can jump willy nilly into battle as he only has himself to worry about. He now has to consider that every time he puts himself out there, he is potentially leaving a widow and father less son. We also get to see a Superman who gets a bit more angry as almost every interaction involving his son brings out the red eyes in him.

Lois Lane is also the same but with the added dynamic of being a mother. We see that she is still the headstrong reporter who is willing to do whatever she feels is right. But now that she is a mother, she will go to even more extremes than before. When Jonathan’s life was threatened by The Eradicator, she did not hesitate to put on the Hellbat armor, which drains the user’s life force, to protect her son. Now Lois Lane is returning to The Daily Planet to be the tough as nails reporter. So it will be interesting to see how being a mother will affect one of the definitions of career woman.

Jonathan Kent is the newest addition to the Superman mythos. The half Kryptonian/half human son of Superman and Lois Lane. The young boy is a bit naive as he has been sheltered for a good portion of his life. But with recent events and his Kryptonian powers sporadically coming in and out, Superboy is here. Superman is a character that’s never really had a sidekick/partner before. Now that this trope is also his son, it mirrors what is happening over with Batman and Damian Wayne aka Robin. He also is the first half breed Kryptonian in the new canon and this opens more possibilities down the line. We have yet to see him interact with his second cousin Kara Zor-El aka Supergirl.

Plus the family has a family dog who just happens to be Krypto. If you want to make the whole family mad, mess with Krypto.

DC Rebirth Has Reinvigorated My Love For Superman

It’s no secret that one of the biggest missteps of The New 52 was the handling of Superman. The creative teams were never really stable. So we would get wildly different tones for the most iconic superhero ever. So as The New 52 was winding down, things started to become more clear. The Superman from before The New 52 had returned and he was living a secluded life with Lois Lane and a young son, Jonathan Kent. The young Superman from The New 52 had become overtaxed during the months that it eventually caught up to him and he died. This was actually a clever use of continuity as during the various books Superman was appearing in, he kept getting exposed to various foreign energies and so his body suffered. It was a tragic end to this Superman but it showed that not all superheroes are going to get a glorious and satisfying end.

But now the older Superman has taken up the mantle of Superman once again after some hesitance. This has marked a unique niche for Superman as he is now a family man himself. In fact, his young son refers to him as “Pa”. So now Clark Kent/Kal-El/Superman not only has to worry about himself but worry about how his role as Superman is going to affect his family especially his son. This is something you can assume is the worry of a cop or firefighter or soldier who has to put their lives on the line every day. Not knowing if they’re going to die that one time they go out to do something heroic.

Superman also has the added wrinkle of dealing with his son who is half Kryptonian/half human. Since Jonathan is still a young child and half breed, it is not fully known as to how his powers will develop. But that seemingly part of the fun as Clark not knows what his own adoptive parents had to go through with him. During the two Superman books, this aspect is really highlighted and the focus of the books. Two separate enemies have come for Kryptonians and that includes young Jon. So we see Superman have to worry not only about himself but that of his family including Lois who will die before anyone hurts her son. We also see what kind of father Superman is. Stern but fair. He will listen to his son and be gentle…to a point. We see him be blunt about the responsibility his son will have to face in the future.

The other aspect of this is how this Superman is from a different timeline. He has already had a life full of adventure and wonder. But now he is replacing his younger counterpart and it’s a role he is cautious about. Cautious because he does not want to trample over the legacy that the younger Superman created for himself. This has also affected the way that the other heroes, especially Batman see him. They know that they can trust him but also are wary of him as this Superman knows a lot more about the heroes  (to an extent) than they might do themselves. It will be interesting to see how this Superman carves his place in this world, not only to the people but to his fellow superheroes.

It’s really a good time to be a Superman fan. We’re getting more of the classic Superman that had been missing since The New 52 began. We also get a more seasoned and weathered Superman with a family so now he seems more cautious about the things he has to do. In a recent issue of Justice League, the world is at stake (when is it not) and Superman is sent on a near suicidal mission to the center of the Earth. But before going, he meets with his family and Lois threatens Batman if something happens to her husband. The conversation that Superman has with his family is not heard so we’re just left to wonder but it must have been poignant.

If you have not checked out DC Rebirth, it is highly recommended. Superman currently stars in Action Comics, Superman, Justice League and the upcoming Trinity book.

Justice League #3 Review

“The Extinction Machines” Part 3

The arc continues from the previous issues events and picks up maybe a few hours after. Here we learn that Superman is being sent on a potential suicide mission to the Earth’s core. In a poignant moment, we see Superman talking with Lois Lane and their son Jon before his trip. This is all while Batman is keeping his distance but still a voyeur to the intimate family moment. It’s not really touched upon in the issue but this is presumably Batman’s first time seeing this Superman with his family. The other two issues have stated how Batman is wary of this Superman but maybe this will be the turning point in their relationship. Now that he sees this Superman is a man with a family and Lois actually threatens him if something happens to her husband and Jon offers him some cookies, maybe Batman will turn the other cheek towards The Man of Steel.
But the other heroes still have other things to deal with as well. Being are seemingly drawing off of the origin of their abilities. The way each being talks makes it seem like that they are living “arks” as they harvest the inhabitants of the planet in case of the oncoming disaster. The disaster is also the threat that the Justice League has been dealing with since the first issue. So seemingly this is a threat that has happened many times before in Earth’s history. Aquaman is still off on his own separate but connected adventure but it appears it might finally tie in in the next issue.

As Batman and Cyborg send Superman to the center of the Earth, they are attacked by the alien beings from the previous issues. So now they must protect themselves but also Superman’s family. Superman is also in a precarious incident as being in the Earth’s core is no joke. The intense heat and pressure is something that he is surviving but for how long can he do so. But finding a barrier in the Earth’s core and one that is unbreakable is another thing he has to deal with.

The high concept and high action is a theme that continues with this issue. It has been the thing that I have actually loved about the series so far. If you’re going to get the world’s greatest superheroes all together, they have to be facing incredible threats that would justify them being all together. The mystery is still intriguing but it does seem to be padded out. I’m not too sure as to how long this arc is supposed to go on but something needs to happen in the next issue. But it is nice to see a nice rapport between all of the characters and they all have their own distinct voice. Bryan Hitch and Tony Daniels continue to do good work on the series.