Why It Was The Perfect Time for Ghost Rider to Leave Agents of SHIELD

I’m no fan of Agents of SHIELD. The show has always been mired with problems to hinder it from achieving excellence in my book. The first season always had to contend with the upcoming Captain America: The Winter Soldier which fundamentally changed the Marvel Cinematic Universe and SHIELD’s purpose in it. So there would be episodes where it looked like characters were meandering and not a lot was happening. Once that movie came out, the show did pick up steam and I enjoyed it from the reveal episode all the way to the season finale. Then the second season happened and I was once again disappointed and completely dropped the show from my viewing list. I kept my ear to the ground with the third season and would watch the occasional episode every now and then on Hulu but all the Inhumans stuff really dragged down the show for me.

So when Ghost Rider, the Robbie Reyes version, was announced for the fourth season, it made me curious. I knew from the get go that they would have to use tricks to actually not show Ghost Rider as it is an expensive effect and this is a network TV budget. So it made sense that it was the Robbie Reyes version as they could hide him behind a car. Plus you can assume that there was probably a mandate from the higher ups to not include the Johnny Blaze version.

So the first episode came on and we don’t really see the Ghost Rider until the end of the episode. Though we do get a sense of how powerful the character is from the get go. At first there was much in universe speculation that Ghost Rider was an Inhuman and that was going to annoy me to no end as it would seem like a cop out. But lo and behold, Ghost Rider is still rooted in the supernatural. Robbie Reyes brought a breath of fresh air as he was an outsider and no one knew what to make of him. You see that he was a flawed person as he became the Ghost Rider for noble reasons but it was still a demon possessing him and implied amplifying some of his more darker inhibitions.

But come the midseason finale, Ghost Rider is currently MIA. Seemingly trapped into another dimension but since this is a comic book based universe, we know that means nothing. Though Ghost Rider was a breath of fresh air, he had to go. The show is called Agents of SHIELD and he is not that. Then there is the whole real life expensive nature of the character. It would be hard to make him work for 22 episodes and there are only so many tricks the show can use not to show Ghost Rider being Ghost Rider. His popularity has shown a hunger for more Ghost Rider and probably best for his own show. Of course there is no doubt in my mind that he will appear again on Agents of SHIELD before the season is over. So now it’s just wait and see time.


Top 16 Marvel Cinematic Universe Heroes 

To commemorate the 14th feature film and the eighth year of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Here are my top 16 heroes: 

1. Captain America 

2. The Falcon 

3. Bucky Barnes

4. The Incredible Hulk 

5. Black Panther 

6. Daredevil 

7. Luke Cage 

8. Jessica Jones

9. Spider-Man 

10. Doctor Strange 

11. Ant-Man / Giant Man

12. Scarlet Witch

13. Thor

14. Hawkeye 

15. Ghost Rider 

16. Vision  

Top 10 Worst Superhero Films

I had to have seen these films in theaters to rank it:

10. Ghost Rider


9. Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance


8. Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer


7. Fantastic Four (2005)


6. League of Extraordinary Gentlemen


5. The Spirit


4. Elektra


3. Fantastic Four (2015)


2. X-Men Origins: Wolverine


  1. Catwoman