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Why AJ Styles Should NOT Go To Raw

With the Superstar Shakeup coming up, probably the biggest superstar being discussed right now is AJ Styles. He is currently on the Smackdown brand and dubs himself, “The Face That Runs The Place”. I can never say that I’ve been an AJ Styles fan. I totally recognize that he is a great performer in the ring. Something about his southern guy thing with the hip hop theme song rubs me the wrong way. But I do enjoy watching his matches as I’ve never seen a bad match with him in it so far. So it would be a shame for Smackdown to lose him.

There is also the somewhat lack of depth in the top tier talent in Smackdown. John Cena is going to be gone for months while filming a movie. So who else is there? Randy Orton is a pretty boring baby face character (if that’s what he’s supposed to be. I mean he did burn down a house). Dean Ambrose seems to be lost in the shuffle even though he is the Intercontinental Champion. AJ also seemingly turned face after his Wrestlemania bout with Shane McMahon. So it would seem Cena is primed to be the replacement for Cena in the meantime.

Post Wrestlemania, Smackdown has also added Shinsuke Nakamura to their roster. Both Styles and Nakamura have wrestled against one another in the past. Both are also considered to be top players in the field. Though with both being faces, it would probably be some time before they got to wrestle one another. But still the possibility is there and it is an exciting one. AJ can also be used to help give rising talent a better push. Someone like Baron Corbin could definitely prosper in a feud with AJ and maybe give someone with a lack of direction, Bray Wyatt, something more interesting to work with than currently.

There have been rumors that The Club would be moving over to Smackdown. This would be a good chance to reunite AJ Styles with the group. I did love their whole “Beat Up John Cena” thing that they had going for a while. But who really knows? I honestly don’t think WWE knows and will probably be one of those down to the wire things. It would be a shame for Styles to leave Smackdown. He certainly would be prosper in Raw as you just can’t hinder a talent such as his. But we will see.