‘The Warriors’ Are Coming To Hulu 

The Warriors was a 1979 cult classic film directed by Walter Hill about a New York City overrun by gangs. The titular gang was framed for a crime they did not commit and being miles away from home, they have to survive their trek home with not only the police after them but rival gangs as well. The film is well known mainly for its catchphrase from the antagonist screeching, “Warriors come out and play!” which solidified its place in popular culture.

There has been talks in the mid 2000’s of a remake to be directed by the late Tony Scott. The update was supposed to feature real life gangs but ultimately never came to fruition. In hindsight, this was probably for the best. There is something whimsical about the world of The Warriors as most of the gangs in the movie are just expy’s of exploitation films at the time. That way there is no real life counterparts and audiences can digest what they are seeing better as fantasy. 

So now news has broke that The Russo Brothers who directed Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Captain Ameirca: Civil War are set to produce a series based on the movie for Hulu. Television is believed to be in its golden age as that is where filmmakers go when they want to tell a good story especially on pay TV such as Hulu. You can definitely say the plot of The Warriors was thin at best. The movie hints that they are a relatively new gang and not all that big compared to other gangs shown. A TV series can really delve into their origins and how they operate. Also explore the world more as we only see a tiny amount of non gang related people.

Am I excited for this television series? Absolutely. The Warriors is really untapped property considering how popular it is. It will be interesting to see this take. Could it be a continuation or reboot? Who knows. That is what it interesting and all the more exciting.


The Flash Season One Review

“The Flash” is the spin off show of “Arrow” and stars DC Comics’ most popular speedster. The title character was introduced during the middle of Arrow’s second season but before he actually became the superhero and leaving the character in a coma. The pilot episode details events that were mentioned in his introduction and picks up from where we last left our protagonist.
Grant Gustin stars as Barry Allen/The Flash. The actor brings a levity to his character as his character bucks recent trends of hero’s being wary of their powers but instead he enjoys them. As the main character, Gustin succeeds on all fronts and carries all 23 episodes. He has to go through a myriad of emotions and you never not once get a sense that he’s out of his depth or phoning it in. It truly is his show.
The show also stars Jesse L. Martin as Joe West, Barry’s foster father, Candice Patton as Iris West, Barry’s foster sister and love interest, Rick Cosnett as Eddie Thawne, Barry’s coworker and Iris’ boyfriend, Carlos Valdes and Danielle Panabaker as Cisco Ramon and Caitlin Snow, scientists who serve as a support team to both Barry and The Flash and finally Tom Cavanaugh as the enigmatic Dr. Harrison Wells.
Throughout all 23 episodes all of these characters serve important functions through the story and one never gets thr sense that any character is being underutilized. While Grant Gustin leads the charge, he has an excellent support team to help bear the load.
The story of the first season mainly deals with the question of who killed Barry Allen’s mother when he was a child. This one event has put Allen’s father in prison as he was framed with her murder. All that Barry knows for sure is that a “man in yellow” was responsible. Anyone familiar with The Flash knows who the culprit is but the writers do an excellent job of keeping a genuine mystery about who The Man in Yellow. It all reaches a satisfying conclusion at the end of the season.
There are many others things going on in the season such as the rise of superpowers in this world and the effects it’s having. A notable standout is Wentworth Miller as Leonard Snart/Captain Cold who serves as the most recurring antagonist besides The Man in Yellow and one does not even have powers himself. There is also one big crossover with the flagship show “Arrow” and many others peppered throughout.
Worth noting is the special effects on the show. On a TV show where the budget can be limiting, the crew squeezes every penny out of the dollars they were given. There are a few hiccups here and there but otherwise it is all very impressive. A noteworthy mention goes toward the completely CGI character of Grodd.
“The Flash” is a triumph of a show. Though it has only had one season, it was an amazing first season of television. Superhero shows were still something of a rarity when the show premiered but it’s success on multiple fronts has not gone unnoticed. This is certainly the pinnacle of superheroes on television.

Daredevil Season One Review

“Daredevil” is the first series from Marvel Entertainment and their venture with Netflix. This is the first series in “The Defenders” line which is basically the Marvel Knights on the small screen. “Daredevil” follows the exploits of blind lawyer by day, Matt Murdock and vigilante at night, not quite Daredevil, at night. This series also takes a unique spin as the main antagonist of the season, and possibly the series, Wilson Fisk (aka The Kingpin), more or less serves as a deteutaragonist.

The series follows both men as they attempt to clean up their city, Hell’s Kitchen. Both men have strong cases in what they are attempting to do and you can see both the good and the bad that they do to accomplish their goals. It makes for a unique study as some episodes you want to cheer for both despite knowing that Fisk really is a bad guy and there’s no ways around it.

The series is dark but not overly so. There is sense that besides a few and far between fantastical elements, this is a world of consequences. People die. Bones are broken. Blood is lost…a lot. However there are many moments of levity to make it not depressing.

The action in the series is superb. The type of action that is presented is something that I have yet to see on the small screen. You can hardly expect to see such work done like this in a big screen effort nowadays. A certain standout is in the second episode “Cut Man”. It is certainly a highlight of the first season.

The acting is aces all across the board. Charlie Cox really delivers as the torn Matt Murdock. The man who wants to do good without violence but knows that there is a certain side of him that wants to physically lash out. Deborah Ann Woll, Elden Henson, Vondie Curtis-Hall, Rosario Dawson, Bob Gunton, Toby Leonard Moore, Ayelet Zurer all deliver top notch performances. Also special mention to the recurring and guest stars. However, a special mention should be made of Vincent D’onofio as Wilson Fisk. He delivers one of the best performances and makes Wilson Fisk the best villain in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Speaking of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, this series is firmly planted within the continuity. It takes place two years after the events of “The Avengers” as the attack is used to explain why Hell’s Kitchen is not the gentrified area that it is in reality. Most of the nods are subtle. There is no mention of Stark at all within the series besides flippant comments about billionaire playboy and a iron suit. The most connected that the show is to the MCU is setting up other Marvel-Netflix series, check out the many references to Iron Fist.

Overall, “Daredevil” is a triumph. On the Marvel Cinematic Universe side, this is the finest product to come from the television side. On the grand whole, I would have to rate it as my second favorite after “Captain America: The Winter Soldier”. This is a fine series that you can see much love and hard work poured over and everyone needs to watch it.