Stephen King’s It (2017) Teaser Trailer Relased

This movie looks terrifying. Despite pictures being released of Pennywise, the trailer never really features a lingering shot of the monster clown. This helps build up suspense for when we get an actual reveal. Plus, that slideshow sequence was absolutely terrifying. I am not the biggest horror fan but this movie has me hyped.

Top 10 Most Anticipated Movies of 2017

So a new year is upon us and thus that means a whole field of new movies to be released. Since it’s so early in the year, it’s a bit more questionable about the smaller releases in the year. So this list will primarily consist of the bigger movies but there will be smaller releases here and there:

10. The Founder – Honestly who hasn’t been to McDonald’s in their lifetime? So when a movie comes out about how McDonald’s was taken from a small chain to a worldwide franchise, it sparks my interest. As with most large corporations, there had to be shady dealings to get the company where it is today. Michael Keaton lately has never done wrong even in stuff like Need for Speed.

9. Logan – the suuposed final movie for Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart as Logan/Wolverine and Professor Xavier. Much about the movie is unknown except that it will be R rated and feature a little girl and the Reavers.

8. Kingsman: The Golden Circle – the sequel to the surprise hit of 2015. I highly enjoyed the first movie and wonder where the sequel is going to go. All we know is that the Kingsman will be interacting with their American equivalents. 

7. Kong: Skull Island – well it is a movie about a giant ape. The largest version of Kong put to screen. 

6. Spider-Man: Homecoming – Spider-Man is one of my favorite heroes and this will be his first movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

5. Get Out – as someone who’s been in a lot of interracial relationships, this kinda hits close to home. I think we’ve all been there where we visit our significant other’s family and you dont know how they’ll be. Now add in a horror element and you’ve got one of my most anticipated movies. 

4. Thor: Ragnarok – Thor + Hulk to stop the destruction of everything. Count me in

3. Wonder Woman – the premiere female superhero finally getting her own movie

2. Star Wars: Episode VIII – it’s no secret that I’m a Star Wars nut. So here we are with the continuing adventures of the Skywalker saga

1.  Justice League – I’m a fan of Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice despite its flaws. The Justice League is my favorite superhero team. So even though people have been iffy on the DC Extended Universe, it will still be interesting to see how the premiere team of the DC Universe comes together on the big screen for the first time.

Top 10 Best Movies of 2016

10. La La Land – not what I was expecting 

9. Fences – a film carried by strong performances with two powerhouse actors in the lead 

8. The Nice Guys – a welcome throwback

7. Rogue One – putting the war in Star Wars

6. Hell or High Water – an exploration of the middle America

5. 13th – an exploration of how far America has come and how far it hasn’t 

4. Captain America: Civil War – it’s either Captain America 3 or Iron Man 4 or Avengers 2.5 but what a great film

3. Zootopia – an animated film with some deep pathos

2. Arrival – the alien invasion movie much more than about an invasion

1. Moonlight – the exploration about the black man in America

Top 10 Worst Movies of 2016

10. Suicide Squad – what a bland movie. I’ve seen it twice and nothing about it resonates 

9. X-Men: Apocalypse – what a snooze fest

8. Assassin’s Creed – the movie adaptation of a dying video game franchise 

7. Boo! A Madea Halloween – Tyler Perry doing Tyler Perry things 

6. Yoga Hosers – well this was a thing

5. Zoolander No. 2 – the sequel no one wanted

4. Ride Along 2 – Kevin Hart screaming for 90 minutes 

3. Alice Through The Looking Glass – another sequel no one wanted


2. Gods of Egypt – the not so mighty Gods

1. Independence Day: Resurgence – the sequel that everyone thought they wanted but realized they didn’t 

The Fate of the Furious Trailer Reaction

God that’s a really dumb title.

First and foremost…when did these motherfuckers become The Avengers? Remember when this series first started and they were just street racers? That seems like it was a completely different franchise at this point. But here we are. 

These movies are what they are now. A slick look, well choreographed set pieces, one dimensional characters who speak in bumper sticker slogans, the constant use of the word “family”. But it looks like after the events of the previous film that the characters now officially work for Kurt Russell’s mysterious government agent to take down Charlize Theron’s character. Oh and Vin Diesel’s character Dom looks to have switched sides.

Let’s be honest we know he hasn’t turned. It’s probably part of some convoluted plan to expose her. Why else would the team seemingly be working with Jason Statham’s character who killed one of their team already? 

This series is ridiculous but every entry always manages to draw me in with something. This time it is director F. Gary Gray and Charlize Theron. A great director and one of the best actors currently working. Oh and apparently Helen Mirren will be in the movie in some capacity. I can’t promise I’ll see the movie in theaters as I more than likely won’t. But I will check out.

How does this series really differentiate itself from Vin Diesel’s other action series, xXx?

‘Arrival’ Review


Arrival is the latest movie from acclaimed director Denis Villeneuve. It stars Amy Adams, Jeremy Renner and Forest Whitaker. This is an alien invasion movie but not one that we have become accustomed to in more recent years. There are no big explosions or action scenes. It is a much more thoughtful science fiction film. When 12 mysterious spherical objects arrive on Earth, the world’s nations don’t know what to make of the situation. All the objects do is hover over the ground and open up at scheduled times. So how do people react when they think they might be being invaded but not sure?

Amy Adams plays a linguistics expert Louise Banks is brought in to help decipher the aliens’ language. Jeremy Renner is mathematician Ian Donnelly also brought along by Army Colonel GT Weber played by Whitaker. The only thing known about the aliens is that they protect themselves with a barrier and communicate with symbols that looks like rohrscach tests. This is also happening throughout the world as the world’s nations are trying to be in contact with one another about what they discover but also keeping secrets.

The movie is a bit tricky to go into detail about as there is much nuance throughout and subtle twists and turns. This is the Amy Adams show though. The movie is focused all around her character and what this event is having on her life. If there were a weaker actress in the lead, it probably would collapse under its weight. Renner and Whitaker are always top notch actors and do not disappoint here. It’s also great to see Renner in a non action or character and playing a scientist.

Why the aliens are here and what they are all about is a mystery that goes on throughout the movie. So when it is finally revealed, it answers questions yet still leaves many more in the air. It might leave some wanting more but that is not this type of movie. This is certainly Villeneuve always does as he always leaves things in the air and leaving things up for viewers to answer. A special mention should go out to cinematographer Bradford Young who highlights the beauty in the simplicity in the areas that the alien ships land near.

Arguably this is one of my favorite films of the year. It makes you think and does not hold your hand. The actors and not even just the main three all give nuanced and great performances. The direction and cinematography are excellent and just add that extra layer to make the film stand out. It is highly recommended and should be checked out and not just by science fiction fans but by those who enjoy great storytelling.

The New Pennywise Revealed and It’s Terrifying


(via Entertainment Weekly)

The titular “It” in Stephen King’s upcoming feature film adaptation has been fully revealed. Previously only the character’s face was revealed but now it’s full form has been revealed. The character had to be distinct from the Tim Curry version and they definitely went out of their way to achieve that. Pennywise in this adaptation is much more lankier with odd proportions. The manner of dress for the killer clown is one much more seen in clowns before the 20th century. There is no denying that this a monster clown. Can’t change that face too much.

Ryan Coogler Is Directing “Black Panther” and It’s A Great Thing


In 2018, Marvel Studios will release “Black Panther” the studio’s first feature film to feature a non white actor. There have been many rumors as to who might be directing the film. There were talks about Ava DuVernay, director of the critically acclaimed “Selma” directing the film. She eventually pulled out due to what she felt were creative differences. Then there were talks about F. Gary Gray directing the film. Gray was in the running to direct, “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” but pulled out so that he could focus on “Straight Outta Compton”. Once that film was released and was a critical and commercial success, his name shot straight to the top of people’s list to direct “Black Panther”. He also made a lot more sense as he was proven to be able to handle big studio projects before and was not new to an action movie. Eventually he was taken off of the list once he decided to direct the next entry in the “Fast & Furious” franchise.

It was clear that Marvel Studios was looking for a black director to helm this film. The studio was coming under much criticism for its lack of diversity, both in front of the camera and behind it as well. Many people would call foul for the studio hiring a white director for the film. Finally in late 2015, the movie “Creed” was released. The film was critically and commercially acclaimed. The director of the film, Ryan Coogler, quickly shot up on the list of choices to direct the “Black Panther” feature film.

Coogler has only two major feature films under his belt. The small film, “Fruitvale Station” based on the real life story of Oscar Grant and chronicles his final day before his untimely death. The film was critically acclaimed and earned a great deal of money considering it’s very small budget. His next film was, “Creed”, which is the latest installment in the “Rocky” movie franchise. “Creed” is a unique film as it is a something of a spin-off and sequel to the movies in the franchise and something of a remake to the very first “Rocky” movie.  The film was a rousing success and in January of 2016, Marvel Studios officially announced Coogler as the director of their “Black Panther” feature film.

This is a triumph on many different sorts. This is not simply a diversity hire just to have a diversity hire. Coogler has proven that he is a talent. Both of his films have been introspective and character oriented, which helps leads to its acclaim as they are not shallow films. Part of the success of “Creed” was not only did it introduce a new character in the “Rocky” franchise but also showed a new side to the character of Rocky himself, which has led Sylver Stallone being nominated for numerous awards for his performance in the film. Coogler jumping into the franchise also showed that he can work within a studio and have numerous eyes on him, yet still be able to do his own thing. He has also shown that he can go from a tiny budget to a mid sized budget and his next film will be a large budget film and is a natural growth. Both films also feature predominantly non white casts, which is something that is essential considering “Black Panther” is the prince/king of an African nation.

Marvel Studios certainly scored with snagging Ryan Coogler to direct “Black Panther”. He is a director that could have chosen any project to do next, including a sequel to “Creed”, but instead chose to direct this film. No one knows how the film will turn out. However, with talent such as Coogler at the helm, one can expect an interesting take on Marvel’s first film featuring a person of color. February 16, 2018 is when “Black Panther” will be released into theaters and one expects great things from the Ryan Coogler directed film.

The Gift Review

“The Gift” is a 2015 thriller from first time director Joel Edgerton. The movie stars Jason Bateman, Rebecca Hall and Edgerton himself. The plot deals with a married couple, Simon and Robyn, who encounter an old high school acquaintance of Simon’s, Gordon also known as Gordo. Soon after meeting him, the couple start receiving gifts from the man and he starts showing up the house unannounced.

First and foremost, the previews for the movie are all misleading. They would make the movie seem like something of a horror movie but it is something totally different from that. It is instead a methodical movie where not everything is totally laid out for you and forces the audience to pay attention. There are a few jump scares within which work to great effect as they are not expected.

There is a relatively small cast within the film. It mainly focuses on Bateman, Hall and Edgerton and the three carry the movie. Edgerton is playing against type here as someone who has played a lot of bad guys is playing something of a human manifestation of an abused puppy as he is always fidgety and awkward in situations. Hall, at first seems like she is going to play the typical housewife, but as the movie unfolds we learn much more about her character and all of the depths that goes within. Bateman is the true standout as he is certainly playing against type. With a few exceptions, he has been playing something of the dogged nice guy but here he is the total opposite. Without giving away too much, many will describe his character as a “jerk” and that’s putting it nicely.

Edgerton really impresses with his directorial debut here. It is a small budgeted film so there is nothing too fancy going on in this film. However, Edgerton manages to do the most with what he has and that is create an effective film. He plays with mood and atmosphere and keeps the audience intrigued through the entire ordeal. This is an impressive film and is also highly recommended as well.

Score: 8.5/10