Hello and welcome to my blog. My name is Jarvis or Jay if you would like. Basically I started this because my friends have often told me that I “have a lot to say”. So I figured it would be best to put it on the internet. My musical interests range from 1970’s soul to 1990’s boy band music. I love anything with a good story and no matter what the medium. It can be from books to comic books to television to movies to video games.

I live my life in Phoenix, Arizona. I graduated from Arizona State University with my degree in English Literature. So I pretty much planned on being broke.

What does this blog offer you? That is not really for me to say. If you like geek culture, then I think this would be perfect for you. I try not to come off as entitled or that my opinion in the only opinion that matters. These things are all for fun and if we cannot have an open discussion about things we enjoy, then what’s really the point?


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