God of War (PS4) E3 2017 Reaction

It’s no secret that I am a big God of War fan. By the time of God of War: Ascension, I was still a fan of the series but my interest had diminished. So the series has been on a break since then by last year there was the reveal of the new entry in the franchise. This time an older Kratos would now be on adventure with his young son, Atreus, would be accompanying him. No longer steeped in Greek mythology, this time the God of War would be in Norse land.

The details of how exactly Kratos got here are intentionally being left vague at the moment. Considering he seemingly caused the apocalypse at the end of God of War III, it is something that needs to be addressed. In the trailer above, characters make references to his past and so it looks like it is not being forgotten or will be glossed over. Since this is a more world weary Kratos who at the end of III became aware of what a turd he was, Kratos in this game looks to be more calm. No longer constantly screaming and perpetually angry. It also helps that he has his son with him. Brief instances we saw of Kratos and his daughter, showed that he can be a good father when he wants to be.

I also really liked the stranger in a strange land aspect. Kratos is Greek and so does not understand the Norse language. This is where his son comes in handy especially when they confront the Midgard Serpent whom Kratos cannot understand but his son can. It will be interesting to see how the son plays into the game as he is a support character but is there something more to his character. Can we be looking at a Red Dead Redemption type of situation?

The gameplay looks brutal as ever which is not surprising. The series has always prided themselves on this aspect. Since Kratos does not have his Blades of Chaos but this time an axe, I wanna see how he plays differently. No doubt he will be getting more weapons as is the norm for the God of War series. I really prefer not to know much about the story other than the bare minimum. But I am excited to play the game and see the continuing adventures of Kratos and now his son.


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