Transformers: The Last Knight Review

Ooh boy. Well it’s the fifth installment in the Transformers film franchise. Michael Bay is back once again to direct this installment after directing the previous entries. Mark Wahlberg, Josh Duhamel and John Tuturro reprise their roles from previous entries as well. They are joined by Anthony Hopkins, Isabella Moner and Laura Haddock. So how is it? One of the worst movies I’ve seen all year and definitely the worst Transformers movie. 

What’s the plot? It’s the same as every other entry in this franchise. A Cybertronian artifact must be located to stop the latest plot by the Decepticons to restore Cybertron. There is a government sanctioned anti Transformers group as well as the creators of the Transformers playing a part but it’s all a jumbled mess. Oh if you came for Optimus Prime then prepared to be disappointed as he’s barely in the movie.

I think Michael Bay is a good director except when he’s working on Transformers movies. He has complete control over these films and you can tell. You get the sense that he thinks he’s funnier than what he is. The jokes and gags in this rarely work. Characters stop speaking so the audience can get their chuckles in. For a movie about a robot species warring on Earth, there sure are a lot of ass and titty shots for no real reason. 

Once again the Transformers take a back seat in their own movie for the humans. It really is a Cade Yeager (Wahlberg) movie. Except he’s not a likeable character or even a well defined one. Lennox (Duhamel) has an interesting wrinkle considering he’s fought side by side with many Transformers and now has to hunt them but this is never explored in any good detail. Anthony Hopkins is clearly taking a paycheck role and it’s really weird to see him crack wise and say things such as “dude”. The rest of the humans are just there. 

Optimus Prime is really a non entity for most of the movie. Bumblebee is our main Transformer but I could care less. The whole talking through the radio thing has worn out its welcome. Megatron only has a few scenes and while it’s nice to hear Frank Welker voice the character again, he does nothing. The rest of the Transformers are once again just there with the only one notable being the John Goodman voiced one. 

If there’s one thing that never disappoints, it is the action. Michael Bay knows how to direct action. But by the end it becomes old hat. Really it becomes visual noise as things are just happening. Since it involves characters we can care less about and Transformers we’ve barely seen. So it’s a middle area where the action is cool but you’re numb to it. 

If there was ever a film franchise that needs a reboot, it’s this one. All the plots are the same as the previous ones. The jokes are juvenile. The characters are as bland as cardboard. The Transformers is a rich franchise to deserve better film entries than the ones we’ve been given. I do like the first one but it’s all been downhill since then. 

Score: 3.5/10


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