The Roman Reigns Issue

Everyone knows that Vince McMahon loves big, sweaty men. Who is a big sweaty man? Roman Reigns. Now let me preface this by saying, I do not dislike Roman Reigns. I do not know the man personally and I cannot fault anyone for doing what is asked of them in their job. That being said, I dislike what is being done with the whole Roman Reigns thing. He’s clearly being groomed to be the next face of the company but it really isn’t working. Why is that? I mean I can only speak for myself so here’s my take.

Shoved Down My Throat

I know how business works and I know that companies need a face of the company. John Cena is on his way out of the WWE so Roman Reigns does aesthetically make sense to be the new face. But this isn’t the day in age where people aren’t tuned in 24/7. The whole move to make Reigns the new face of the company isn’t particularly smooth either. Winning all the time with little to no challenge gets boring fast. Reigns can work in the ring and I’ll never say that he cannot because he does. Even when he loses, he just comes across boring. When Kevin Owens used brass knuckles against him in a match, Reigns just shrugged it off like they were nothing. Giving him the U.S. Championship and then doing nothing with it. It’s so obvious with what they are doing with him, there is nothing endearing about it.

Who is Roman Reigns?

My biggest issue with Roman Reigns is that I have no idea who this guy is. His mic skills fluctuate as sometimes he works and sometimes he does not. Usually it is a less is more approach when it comes to that aspect. The biggest problem I can think of lately was after the most recent Wrestlemania. In his match, he was the one to effectively retire The Undertaker. Of course this was going to be met with mixed reaction but with Roman Reigns it was definitely divisive. The night after Wrestlemania, he simply stood in the ring while fans chanted insults at him. All the while, Reigns had a smug grin on his face before proclaiming:


Then the week after that, he was doing an interview where he was talking about how he did not want to retire The Undertaker. During this interview, he was more solemn and had a look of confusion on his face like it wasn’t his intention. This simply flew in the face of what he said and acted like in the week before. Then Braun Strowman came out of nowhere and beat his ass and gave him serious (fake) injuries. But I still don’t get a sense of who he is.

One week, he’s acting heelish and the next he’s acting like a face. It’s not even really a tweener angle that he is going for.

Now we’re back to business as usual with Roman Reigns. Despite being (fake) injured, he’s still going over people perfectly healthy such as Finn Balor. He’s being groomed to face Brock Lesnar at the NEXT Wrestlemania to win the WWE Universal Championship. The rumor is that he will win the Intercontinental Championship and thus become a Grand Slam Champion. It’s really draining to see the favoritism towards Roman Reigns while there are perfectly capable performers right next to him. As said, I do not have a problem with the man himself. But this thing they are doing is just the worst and frankly keeps me away from watching WWE Raw.


One thought on “The Roman Reigns Issue

  1. Whenever Reigns wins a match, in particular against an alleged indie fav, articles like this come out attempting to pull the rug out from any achievement he’s garnered, for the most part, on his own. It’s FALSE to say that Reigns “shrugged off” a brass knuckle hit from Owens when the whole point of that was to show that Reigns is stalwart af and could the “The Guy” to take on the Phenom himself. As clunky as WWE’s storytelling can be, it’s 101 plot pointing. While I agree WWE hasn’t taken a hard stance on who Reigns is (although recently the company has stock loaded Reigns with so much character development, I’m shocked they didn’t this sooner), he’s NOT the only one in the company with a lagging character. He’s the one who gets the most heat from the fans, however, that’s to three-year-old rumors that Reigns was looked at as the next face of the company. The vocal fans aren’t helping this transition, either. They want Reigns to turn heel–so they can cheer him. Backward thinking. And Reigns becoming a Grand Slam champ is seen as favoritism when all Rollins has to do is also win the Intercontinental Championship to become a Grand Slam Champ, and Ambrose will become on when he wins the RAW Tag Team titles. Rollins and Ambrose wrestled in the indies, though, so they get a pass.


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