The Defenders Trailer Takeaway

The first trailer for The Defenders has been released and it says a lot yet doesn’t say much either.

  • We know Sigourney Weaver is playing the big bad but we still know nothing about her other than she is either working with The Hand or she’s their boss
  • Luke Cage will be released from prison and finally have that “coffee” with Claire Temple
  • Jessica Jones will interfere with a case Misty Knight is working on and who is her lawyer…Matt Murdock.
  • Elektra is back from the dead and putting the hurt on Matt.
  • Best friends in the comics, Luke Cage and Danny Rand, will not be immediate best friends on the show.
  • A quick shot of Colleen Wing
  • An homage to the fist breaking scene in Luke Cage is reversed where Danny’s fist actually hurts Luke.
  • Daredevil’s mentor, Stick, looks to be the one who helps really unite the team together. Telling them that they “need to get their shit together” because the “war is here”.
  • Another hallway fight this time big enough to have four heroes duke it out with a group of baddies
  • The group of heroes bonding (aka snarking) at a Chinese restaurant

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