Star Wars: The Last Jedi Trailer Takeaway

To be blunt, I was fairly underwhelmed for the trailer to The Last Jedi. Don’t get me wrong, it was a beautiful trailer. It looked gorgeous and you can’t beat a John Williams score. But there was nothing really there to grab me either. Nothing is going to top the feeling when it came to the trailers for The Force Awakens. We didn’t think we would get any more Star Wars films when those were announced. So that level of excitement will never be matched again.

But watching the trailer it leaned heavily on Luke Skywalker. That makes the most sense considering that he was the most important character in the previous movie who only had a cameo with no spoken lines. Though the trailer really gave away nothing in terms of plot and that is probably for the best. We see Kylo Ren looking emo, Finn is still in a coma, the First Order and Resistance are at war. The biggest takeaway is Luke training Rey in the ways of the Force and seemingly wanting the Jedi Order to end.

The Jedi Order ending seems to be something that is being explored in the new canon. In his appearance in Star Wars Rebels, Yoda makes a comment about how the Jedi got it wrong. Ahsoka also mentions how she is no Jedi yet still fights on the side of good. There is also the Bendu who makes it very clear his disdain for Jedi and Sith alike. It is also implied people such as Moz Kanata are Force users and the Force influences people such Chirrut Imwe. So this will be a new avenue to explore and help keep things fresh so as to not repeat things done in the Legends continuity.

There were some things that I found interesting in the trailer though. The bit with the AT-AT’s (though I know that’s not what they’re going to be) and the visual spectacle of them on the horizon was gorgeous. It also looks like a full on war is going to happen between the Resistance and the First Order. I think there is something cool about two fringe groups dictating the future of the galaxy as a whole. So there are still things there I want to see but it was only a teaser. I can’t be too critical of it. I also think if this is the only trailer, I would be okay with it. The less I know, the better.


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