Charlotte Flair Should NOT Win The Smackdown Women’s Championship

As of this writing, fresh import Charlotte Flair is set to face Naomi for the Smackdown Women’s Championship tomorrow. In a somewhat strange turn, Charlotte had to beat Naomi to even have this match. But frankly I think this is a bad move. Charlotte is one of the best wrestlers, men and women, in the WWE currently. There is no denying her credibility and she can elevate her competitors in matches. But she is already a five time women’s champion on the Raw brand. Now that she has come in and demanded a title shot seems a little too much, too soon.


Of course this may all be a fake out. As soon as Charlotte was announced as getting her title shot, the other women in the division (minus one but we’ll get back to that later) all huddled around in the back and seemed to be plotting. Natalya was the ringleader of this faction with Carmella and Tamina. Charlotte was the top heel for the women’s division on Raw since the brand split and even before then. There are few faces on Smackdown besides Naomi and Lana when she joins the brand. It would not surprise me if this group interferes in the match to prevent Charlotte from gaining the title and thus turning her face.


Now there’s someone who has not been mentioned and that’s Becky Lynch. The inaugural women’s champion on Smackdown, Becky has been mostly in the background since her feud with Mickie James ended. She wasn’t even on the episode where the Charlotte challenged Naomi despite being at the arena. Are they planning a Becky Lynch heel turn? It is known that Charlotte and Becky are real life best friends and have great chemistry in the ring. If Becky were to turn heel and face Charlotte, this would be a good way of rejuvenating the both of them.

We all know that Charlotte will hold the top title one day. That’s as clear as day. That doesn’t mean that they need to put the strap on her immediately though. It would just ring of favoritism and not letting anyone else shine. I also think Charlotte in real life knows this as well and would probably want to avoid that as to not burn bridges and fans.


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