Season Four Is The Final Season of Star Wars Rebels…and That’s A Great Thing

I love Star Wars Rebels. Absolutely love it. But I have also known from the beginning that this is a show with a end date. The show was only set a few years before Rogue One/A New Hope and each season contained numerous time jumps that moved the show closer to that time. So with season three featuring numerous characters who were in those two movies, it became clear that the end was near. So at Star Wars Celebration, creator and showrunner Dave Filoni announced that the fourth season would be the final season. It would be easy to say I was sad but honestly I was not.

It was more bittersweet than anything. If there’s one thing that I absolutely hate about long form storytelling are the stories that overstay their welcome. There are many shows I can list that went on far too long and ultimately tarnished the legacy of the show by doing so. There is a beauty in an ending as nothing is meant to last forever and nor should it. Though to be honest, I do think Star Wars is going to last forever.

The story of Ezra and Kanan is one that has almost always had an end date on it. No one really knows what is going to happen to them. But there are no Jedi or other Force users by the time the original trilogy comes along. We know the only two to survive the show are going to Hera who achieves the rank of General by Rogue One and Chopper. What else is going to happen to these characters we have come to know and love? That’s honestly such an open ended question. I do think Sabine has the biggest chance of surviving as the whole Mandalorian saga is growing in importance with ties to the Clone Wars animated series. There have already been talks about the series that will replace Rebels that is probably well into development.

Just because something is ending does not mean it is a bad thing. Something is not beautiful because it lasts forever. The impact that this series has had on Star Wars mythos has been phenomenal. The characters will forever to live on in material such as comics, video games, etc and more importantly in the hearts of the fans of the show. Who knows…maybe some of these characters may actually the jump to the live action movies. Saw Gerrera did it. Who is to say Hera or Sabine won’t be able to? Time will tell. But thank you Star Wars Rebels for the great memories.


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