‘It’ Trailer Reaction

It’s no secret that I found the TV miniseries “It” based on Stephen King’s novel terrifying. Tim Curry gave a terrific and terrifying performance as Pennywise the Dancing Clown. But rewatching it in later years, it is clear that it’s ambitions are greater than what they could have produced back then. Now it’s 27 years later, and Pennywise has made a triumphant return. The movie, which only seems to cover the main characters in their adolescence, had a trailer finally released and it was terrifying.

First things first, I do enjoy the touch that we never get a clear image of Pennywise. His face is either obscured, moving too fast to make out a clear image or only in it for a single frame. Though we all know what this new Pennywise looks like due to images being released, it was still a good choice to not reveal him just yet. Instead, this trailer focused on the threat that Pennywise casts over the town of Derry and particularly the children. Almost all the scenes that feature Pennywise are him in pure predator mode. Special mention must go towards the end where we see him rise out of the water with the bottom half of his face still in the water. This imagery evoked something of a predator just waiting to strike its prey.

Now many people have been comparing this trailer to Stranger Things. That comparison is like a snake eating its own tail. Stranger Things is currently one of the hottest things in popular culture. But there are worse things to be compared to but it is easy to forget that Stephen King’s novel and the miniseries based on it influenced Stranger Things. But something you don’t see a lot anymore are kids in “adult” situations. These are kids who take it upon themselves not only to save their own lives but to rid their town of an ancient evil.  The trailer also got this point across as we see them doing “kid” things such as riding their bikes in a group, hanging out in an old shed or something or how Pennywise is seemingly terrorizing them at school

I was a little on the fence about the movie. Not because I have a problems with reboots/remakes/rehashes or whatever have you. Just it seemed like something that would get unfairly criticized and compared and maybe the creative team might get lazy. There were all the production problems before the movie started shooting. Losing an acclaimed director and writer, Cary Fukunaga, who is still credited as a writer. But the talent that has come aboard has seemingly really stepped up their game to give a worthwhile and terrifying product.

The movie will be out in September and I’m sure to see it on the first night.


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