Iron Fist Needs A Second Season

I was no fan of the recent Iron Fist series from Marvel and Netflix. The whole project reeked of being rushed. There was no clear mission statement that the series was going for. Character motivations were all over the place. The fight scenes left something to be desired. Overall, the series was a mess. But I still want a second season for the series. You might be asking why considering I just said that I was no fan.

I do like the character and concept of Iron Fist. So the character had a mediocre first season. Lots of shows have this same problem. It probably hurts it even more since Netflix releases all the episodes at once compared to a network. That means that the creative teams behind a show cannot get feedback about a show until it has already completed production. This is a double edged sword. On one hand, it can be beneficial as you are forced to go in with a clear end goal at mind. On the other, if the show is being received lukewarm, then there is no way to fix it until it gets more episodes.

Iron Fist is a great character with a lot of rich concepts that come with the character. None of these were really touched within the series. While I never expected to see Danny Rand beat up a dragon, these Netflix Marvel shows are notoriously cheap, we could have seen more from K’un Lun. Why this series had to take predominantly in New York City other than the fact they had a deal with the city? As a fan of Iron Fist, you just kinda walk away from the series disappointed. Marvel and Netflix have been a good track record with their series other than a few bumps in the road.

Hopefully, The Defenders will begin the process of course correcting Iron Fist. There were a lot of things left open at the end of Iron Fist that should be explored instead of being swept under the rug. As stated earlier, lots of shows have bad first seasons. Parks and Recreation and The Office are the main two that I can think of off the top of my head. There seems to be enough fanfare to drudge up attention and support for a second season. I think it will all come down to how Iron Fist is received in The Defenders. Time will tell.



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