What I Want From The WWE Superstar Shake Up

Post Wrestlemania 33, there has been word from Vince McMahon himself of an upcoming “superstar shake up”. What exactly does this mean? Well the wording makes it clear that it’s not a full on draft. So that means only some people will be getting the switch between the two brands, Raw and Smackdown. Who? I doubt the creative team behind WWE knows as of the time of this posting. But who do I want to see? Well:

No Top Names

Something tells me that this shakeup is only for the midcard mostly. I doubt Roman Reigns will be going to Smackdown as they have planted the seeds for a feud between Brock Lesnar and Roman. Same goes for someone such as Seth Rollins who still has unfinished business with Samoa Joe. Smackdown has something of a top card deficiency so it’s really hard to see AJ Styles going over to Raw. Even though someone like him would prosper because of his talent, he is a big fish in a smaller pond.

Tag Team Shakeup

Both brands have a problem with their tag team divisions. Though there has been a shot in the arm with The Hardy Boyz returning to Raw and becoming the champions and The Revival being brought to the brand and seemingly feuding with The New Day. Cesaro and Sheamus also have gotten over as a tag team. So what do?

Trade American Alpha (from Smackdown) with Enzo and Big Cass (from Raw).

With Kurt Angle as the new General Manager of Raw, American Alpha can become the new proteges. Their gimmicks fit in with the WWE Hall of Famer and they could use a shot in the arm in terms of personality and charisma. Enzo and Big Cass were pegged as winning at Wrestlemania for the championship but with the Hardy’s returning, they did not. They could bring some much needed energy to Smackdown’s tag division and it would be interesting to see them in a feud with The Uso’s especially trash talking.


Now this is where things get a bit trickier. One person on Raw who can definitely benefit from switching brands would be Sami Zayn. Everyone knows Sami Zayn is talented and a great worker but he is something of a glorified jobber on Raw. Switching to Smackdown where they can build him up better would certainly help his character. The previous GM of Raw, Mick Foley, was the only one who seemed to like Sami. Kurt Angle seems…annoyed at him.

Now who would Smackdown switch for Sami? Well that I have no idea. As mentioned before, Smackdown does have a dearth for talent or stars. So this can be anyone. Maybe there won’t even be a trade. Just a simple move over for Sami.

No matter where this shakeup goes, it looks to be interesting at best. I can’t wait to see what happens come Monday on Raw.


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