I Love Star Wars But Not Excited For The Han Solo Movie


Ever since Disney bought Lucasfilm and announced that they would be releasing anthology Star Wars movies, I was intrigued. It was a good way of expanding out the universe that was really so insular. But ever since the buyout was announced, there has always been the rumor of a Han Solo standalone movie. That was something that did not get me so excited.

I like Han Solo but I’m not really crazy about the character. He’s not really a bad boy as people like to make him out to be. His whole shooting of Greedo first thing is really more of an act of self defense more than anything. We are frequently told how much of a scoundrel and rogue he is but other than some dirty dealings, we never really see that aspect of the character. So I’ve never really gotten the appeal so him getting a standalone prequel movie is really boring to me.

The cast is the only thing that I like about the movie so far. Seeing Woody Harrelson, Emilia Clarke and Donald Glover (as a young Lando) is nice. I really do not know much about Alden Ehrenreich who is playing the young Han Solo but I will give him the benefit of a doubt. Since this is a Star wars movie, I will certainly see it. But it will probably be the first Star Wars movie that I do not see on opening day. But who knows…things may change my attitude about the film.

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