Agent Kallus – One of My New Favorite Star Wars Characters 


So Agent Kallus is Fulcrum. The once dedicated Imperial agent has defected and has been helping the Rebels throughout the entire season. This is a far cry from the same character that we met all the way in the beginning of the first season. But it is not one that is a total surprise if you have paid attention to his character development.
When we first met Kallus, he was the Inspector Javert to our titular Rebels. Hunting them relentlessly and being downright cruel about it at times. As the episodes continued and we learned more about him, his faults and sins were not forgotten but there was more to him. A dedicated man to his principles and comrades. Learning that he was an unwilling pawn in a massacre done by the Empire and subject to torture from Saw Gerrera and his extremist brand of Rebels. A chance encounter with Zeb formed an unspoken respect and trust within the two who were arch enemies before.

Through Kallus we also see that the Empire does not really inspire bonds. When Kallus tries to get chummy with his superiors such as Darth Vader or Pryce, he is always shut down and treated as an annoyance. This is despite the fact that Kallus has proven to be one of the most capable people in the Empire. So it was no real surprise to learn Kallus was the new Fulcrum.


There were numerous hints about Kallus being a Fulcrum. Whenever Kallus would learn something, the next scene would show Fulcrum relaying information to the Rebels for example. But Kallus defecting to the Rebels probably came at the worst time as his new director superior is Grand Admiral Thrawn. Since Thrawn and Kallus are unfamiliar personally with one another, there is nothing to blind Thrawn to Kallus’ duplicitous nature.


So now we have the cunning Kallus scrambling to stay one step ahead. In the most recent episode, “Through Imperial Eyes”, we see just how stressed out he is. It is an interesting episode as it is mostly from his perspective. The crack down on the mole within the Empire is growing and Kallus has to keep his composure as to not draw suspicion. Not only does he do that but he actively tries and kill Thrawn through his reprogramming of some droids. It was mostly played as a distraction but it goes without saying he was trying to take out his biggest threat.


But now due to a mistake Ezra made, Kallus is now known to be Fulcrum to Thrawn. Of course Thrawn knows that not exposing this is more valuable than simply killing Kallus. Will Kallus die by the end of the season? I can see it going either way. It would make sense if he did but there’s nothing to say he doesn’t live and join the Rebellion fully possibly under a different identity.

Kallus provides that grey area that exists that frankly goes untouched in Star Wars mythos. It is easy to label everyone in the Empire as villains but when you think about it, it is a simple way of thinking. we have the knowledge to know that the Emperor is secretly a Sith Lord who has orchestrated events for decades to have the galaxy in his hand. All most of the population knows is that Palpatine was the knight in shining armor when the galaxy was at its most chaotic. So it is easy to see why people join up with the Empire and the fact that it is the government does help. Through Kallus we also learn that he has had run ins with the more extreme Rebels which has helped color his views on where he stands. But chance encounters with the cast of Rebels and seeing the more dirty side of the Empire has made him cross over to the other side.

When the show first started, I did not think much of Kallus. I probably should have considering he has a high profile actor (David Oyelowo) voicing him. There was no way that the character was going to be a bit character. But it has been nice to see the slow burn to Kallus’ turn from dedicated Imperial agent to double agent for the Rebels. I hope the character does not meet his end soon. But if he does, it will be an excellent new character introduced into the Star Wars canon that will hopefully be explored more through various other media.


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