Celebrating Black Superheroes – Storm

I love the X-Men. My favorite X-Man is Wolverine. But if there was anyone to take that favorite spot, it would be Ororo Munroe aka Storm. The New York born but African raised “goddess” has the mutant ability to manipulate the weather which makes her one of the most powerful alive. She has been a member of the X-Men since her first appearance while also serving stints on The Avengers and Fantastic Four. Once was married to T’Challa thus making her the one time of Wakanda. Storm is one of the most popular and important female superheroes. 
I first became familiar with Storm through the 1990’s X-Men animated series. She was one of the main members of the tram and there was a lot of spotlight on her. We learn of her claustrophobia, which is smething I never heard of before watching the show. It also showed that she was second-in-command to Cyclops and was the de facto leader of the underground Morlocks. All these important plot points lifted straight from the comics. 

In the comics, Storm is one of the most intriguing X-Men. She has gone through various phases, such as the time she sported a mohawk and was punk rock, while always remaining a stalwart member. Even serving as the leader of the tram while stripped of her mutant abilities. When there are multiple teams of X-Men, you can expect Storm to be the leader of at least one of them. 

In other adaptations, Storm has seen better days. In the animated series after the 90’s version, Storm is somewhat shafted compared to other members. In film, Halle Berry’s portrayal left a lot to be desired as well as Alexandra Shipp. One gets the sense that Bryan Singer does not understand the importance of the character. But at least the character is always there and gets some spotlight. 

I knew the importance of the character when my sister who has no interest in superheroes knows the importance of the character. There are few black female superheroes in popular culture. So the character arguably sticks out for being a force to reckon with and not just meaning her powers. Storm will continue to be one of the most important and popular heroes in superhero fandoms. That is important and beautiful. 


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