Iron Fist Trailer Reaction 

To address the elephant in the the room, I am fully aware of the controversy around this project. I think all criticisms are valid and should not be ignored. That being said, the bed has been made and now we can only lie in it and see how it feels. 

The first thing to notice is the soundtrack to the trailer. All previous trailers for the other Marvel Netflix shows except for Luke Cage have been downbeat. Even then this is much more “poppy” than usual. Seeing Danny Rand (without shoes) enter his family’s company and being treated as a homeless man but to immediately show his martial arts skills. 

I’m receptive to the trailer but I’m finding it a bit hard to grasp what this show is going to be about. Daredevil, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage all had clear mission statements in their respective trailers. What can I gather about this show from the trailers? Danny Rand returns to NYC after being presumed dead in a plane crash and seeks to gain control of his family company while secretly acting to take out a mystery enemy. 

I get the feeling that this series will be the work horse for setting up The Defenders. We see the return of thr mysterious Madame Gao from Daredevil and her “heroin” called the Steel Serpent. Though it wasn’t in this trailer, reports from NYCC said there was a line where Rand specifically mentions that he is there to take down The Hand. The Hand being major antagonists in Daredevil and rumored to be the big bad of The Defenders. There is also the appearance of Claire Temple who looks to play a major role in the series like she did in Luke Cage. 

There was a lot of good in the trailer. The actual iron fist ability was something that had been kept under wraps. We finally got to see it in action and it definitely packed a punch, pun intended. So far the super powers in the Marvel Netflix shows have been more subdued. We’ve only seen Daredevil’s radar sense once and Jessica Jones’ flying/gliding ability has never been shown. Iron Fist’s actual iron fist ability is something that cannot be skimped on as it is his namesake.

Colleen Wing looks to be another strong character introduced. It has been confirmed she will be in The Defenders. We know that she will be training Claire in martial arts. But how she gets mixed up with Danny is something else. She looks to be more informed about the situation than expected. I’m only vaguely familiar with the character. So this will be interesting to see where the show takes her.

Overall I am excited for the show. The Marvel Netflix shows have yet to disappoint me. I’m just generally confused as to where this show is headed. Trailers are always tricky in that way. But I will be waking up at 5 am on March 17th to watch the series. 


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