Going to Star Wars Celebration 2017 and The Long Road To Get There 

Since I’ve been a legal adult, I have not been on a vacation. One day last year I was sitting around restless. I knew that I needed a change in my life but wasn’t quite sure as to what. I must have saw a friends’ post on Facebook and they had gone out of town. So it was right there and then I decided to take a trip out of town? But where?

I was always aware of Star Wars Celebration. The 2016 event was held in London but I found out that the 2017 one would be in Orlando, Florida. That would be a much easier trip to make. I don’t really havr to explain how much of a Star Wars fan I am. I also haven’t been to Orlando since I was a baby. 

So first things first I booked my hotel through Expedia. They have a pay when you arrive and free cancellation. But I knew I could not really afford to go with my income. I would still have to pay them when I got there and flights are never cheap. That’s not taking in the expenses such as dining and actually getting around the unfamiliar city.

So sometime in October I walked into Target and found out that they were having a hiring event for the holiday. I applied and was hired that day. So throughout the whole holiday, I must have worked on average of 65 hours a week. Exhausted became my new best friend. Bags underneath my eyes became my new fashion statement. 

In November, I purchased my ticket for Star Wars Celebration. That was the easy purchase. A few days before Christmas, I finally bought my airline tickets. It was now official that I would be going to Orlando. Then it clicked in my head that I now had four months to save up and prepare for my actual trip. Already calculating how much I plan on spending and emergency money. 

So now I am currently working two jobs still to help pay for this as well as my own personal debts. As the days go by and it becomes more of a reality, my excitement grows. Excited about a new experience. Excited about indulging in something I love. Just excited about everything that is going into it. 


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