Logan Trailer #2 Reaction

Well I wasn’t expecting this one. I’ve always known that Logan was going to be a different type of superhero movie. Sure you get your typical superhero fare such as cyborgs but it looks to be a really small movie. Sure a small movie with a large budget. There are a lot of open space shown such as desert and forest areas.

One of the biggest failings on the X-Men movies is that they have made Wolverine’s healing too powerful. So the solo movies have had to curb this and what better way than old age. Old age has finally caught up to Logan and his healing ability and claws don’t work like they should. One scene we see Logan actually extending a claw manually and he’s covered in scars and blood throughout.

There is the family dynamic presented in also. Professor X is the Grandpa (despite being younger than Wolverine), Logan is the reluctant father and X-23 is the child. We still don’t know if she is a direct clone of Logan as she is in the comics but the dynamic is still there. It is heavily implied that she was created to be a weapon and her creators are out to retrieve her. We know that Logan embraced his animalistic side when he was younger and regretted it later so him playing father to her is something new.

The Reavers are an interesting choice for villains in the movie. It looks like they’re the elite mooks while Dr. Xandar Rice (who may be Mr. Sinister) is the true antagonist. They are cyborgs and look to have mass resources and weapons. They would probably be dangerous to Wolverine in his prime so him being older raises the stakes. There’s no denying there will be an homage to the iconic image of Wolverine being crucified which stemmed from an encounter with The Reavers.

This is said to be the final movie for Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart as their respective characters. The bag is still out in that but if it is then it looks to be a proper send off for the characters (these versions at least) and actors. If the movie is good or not is still yet to be determined. But it looks to be a fun and different ride.


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