So This New Power Ranger Isn’t The One You Grew Up With? Guess What? That’s Perfectly Fine

When Mighty Morphin Power Rangers was released, I was the target age that they were trying to reach. I bought all the merchandise and would rush home to see the latest episodes. I stopped watching the series as a whole once Time Force ended. But I kept my ear to the ground and was always familiar with the latest iterations. So when the new Power Rangers movie was announced, I didn’t think much of it. But some of my peers seem to think it’s the worst thing ever? Why? Because it’s not the Power Rangers they grew up with. 
Nostalgia is a tricky thing. On one hand it can be a nice thing that reminds us of a simpler time. On the other hand, it can blind people to simple truths and keep them in a bubble. Case in point: when people complain how the new Power Rangers is not like the one they grew up, I ask them if they rewatch the old ones on Netflix. 98% of them don’t. Then I ask them if they really watch it because the cracks within the show are obvious. The Japanese footage is badly spliced in with the American footage and it’s a consequence free world. 

The worst thing from the new Power Rangers is that it looks a little too similar to Chronicle. It seems to be taking the best of the early mythology of Mighty Morphin Powers and even Power Rangers Zeo to make its own beast. It is not based off of any Super Sentai to exist. The Megazord is a completely different type of mech. The suits are similar to the Mighty Morphin ones but different. Zordon is no lomger a giant fat face in a tube. So let’s all just calm down and give it a shot. 

Now if the new Power Rangers is not for you, that’s your right. But let’s not let nostalgia blind us. Don’t act like our generation is the only generation that had things. That things did not come before and that things that come after have no merit. 


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