Constantine Is Back…and I’m Torn


It has been announced that Constantine would be returning…in animated form. During the 2014 – 2015 television season, the thirteen episode season was one of my favorites on the air. Sure there were issues behind the scenes that you could see on the screen but it was a solid show nonetheless. But ratings were low and the show was cancelled. Matt Ryan who played John Constantine would reprise the role the next year on an episode of Arrow. This retroactively made Constantine part of the Arrowverse. But since then the character has not appeared. 

So with the animated series being part of the CW Seed platform and being produced by Greg Berlanti who is in control of the Arrowverse, this firmly establishes the show will be canon. Vixen, another DC Comics hero, also has an animated show on Seed and her live action appearances reaffirm her show is in canon. So that makes me excited. But there’s a caveat. 

The shows on Seed are only about five minutes each. Then there is the question if the show will pick up on plotlines left by the live action series. There was a big mystery concerning an upcoming apocalypse and how Constantine was being manipulated by his angel ally, Manny. There was also the foreshadowing of The Spectre, another DC Comics character who is literally the wrath of God. So if they were to just skip past all this, I’d be disheartened. 

But in animated form, there is a lot more that you can do as not limited by a budget. There could be more magical shenanigans going on and lead the way for more of DC Comics magic characters to appear. Matt Ryan is also voicing the character so it is a nice touch to help keep things in line with everything else. Everything concerned, it is just good to have Constantine back. 


One thought on “Constantine Is Back…and I’m Torn

  1. Reblogged this on Cupcake Comics and commented:
    I feel like the best thing to do would be to have the first season focus on wrapping up the show’s plot, and then the writers are free to do whatever they want if it gets renewed for future seasons. (And I do think it’ll have more than one season- Vixen’s on season two now, and I think it was renewed for a third?)


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