DC Rebirth Has Reinvigorated My Love for Superman

So since the DC Rebirth event, the post Crisis on Infinite Earth’s Superman has once again become the de facto Superman in comics. But with him, he also has brought with him the post Crisis Lois Lane and those two have produced a young son, Jonathan Kent aka Superboy. So while it is the return of a familiar Superman, what is old is new again. This Superman now has a lot more at stake than once before. He no longer can jump willy nilly into battle as he only has himself to worry about. He now has to consider that every time he puts himself out there, he is potentially leaving a widow and father less son. We also get to see a Superman who gets a bit more angry as almost every interaction involving his son brings out the red eyes in him.

Lois Lane is also the same but with the added dynamic of being a mother. We see that she is still the headstrong reporter who is willing to do whatever she feels is right. But now that she is a mother, she will go to even more extremes than before. When Jonathan’s life was threatened by The Eradicator, she did not hesitate to put on the Hellbat armor, which drains the user’s life force, to protect her son. Now Lois Lane is returning to The Daily Planet to be the tough as nails reporter. So it will be interesting to see how being a mother will affect one of the definitions of career woman.

Jonathan Kent is the newest addition to the Superman mythos. The half Kryptonian/half human son of Superman and Lois Lane. The young boy is a bit naive as he has been sheltered for a good portion of his life. But with recent events and his Kryptonian powers sporadically coming in and out, Superboy is here. Superman is a character that’s never really had a sidekick/partner before. Now that this trope is also his son, it mirrors what is happening over with Batman and Damian Wayne aka Robin. He also is the first half breed Kryptonian in the new canon and this opens more possibilities down the line. We have yet to see him interact with his second cousin Kara Zor-El aka Supergirl.

Plus the family has a family dog who just happens to be Krypto. If you want to make the whole family mad, mess with Krypto.


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