Bizarre Moments in Superhero Films: Spider-Man (2002)

Remember the very first Spider-Man movie? There’s always been one scene in the movie that I’ve found to be odd and extreme. It’s the scene after Norman Osborn/Green Goblin has figured out that Peter Parker and Spider-Man are one in the same. As the Goblin persona tells Norman, “We attack his heart!” So whats the first thing he does? Blow up Aunt May’s house while she’s saying her nightly prayer.

So presumably this grown man in a green armored suit on a hovering glider has been waiting outside her window for a while. How else would he know that she was close to finishing her prayer? No one on the street noticed this? The fact that he blew up the side of her house and no one really comments on the fact that the Goblin would randomly attack this woman. It’s also apparent that his intention was not to kill her but even a healthy person would have a heart attack with the side of their house being blown up.

It’s just that whenever I speak about this movie, this is the one scene I always point out as one that sticks out for being out of place. The first Spider-Man movie is still enjoyable and does work in the context of the film as it does reveal to Spider-Man that the Goblin now knows who he is.


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