The Fate of the Furious Trailer Reaction

God that’s a really dumb title.

First and foremost…when did these motherfuckers become The Avengers? Remember when this series first started and they were just street racers? That seems like it was a completely different franchise at this point. But here we are. 

These movies are what they are now. A slick look, well choreographed set pieces, one dimensional characters who speak in bumper sticker slogans, the constant use of the word “family”. But it looks like after the events of the previous film that the characters now officially work for Kurt Russell’s mysterious government agent to take down Charlize Theron’s character. Oh and Vin Diesel’s character Dom looks to have switched sides.

Let’s be honest we know he hasn’t turned. It’s probably part of some convoluted plan to expose her. Why else would the team seemingly be working with Jason Statham’s character who killed one of their team already? 

This series is ridiculous but every entry always manages to draw me in with something. This time it is director F. Gary Gray and Charlize Theron. A great director and one of the best actors currently working. Oh and apparently Helen Mirren will be in the movie in some capacity. I can’t promise I’ll see the movie in theaters as I more than likely won’t. But I will check out.

How does this series really differentiate itself from Vin Diesel’s other action series, xXx?


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