Zamasu Is Such A Creep and I Dig Him

I’ve previously mentioned before as to my interest in Zamasu, the big bad in the latest arc of Dragon Ball Super. Since then we’ve learned much more about the fallen God. The current one who is immortal is from the future, Goku Black is an alternate version of the present Zamasu and the main timeline version of Zamasu has been destroyed by Beerus. Time travel. When is it never not a mind screw? That being said, either way we learn that Zamasu in any shape or form or time is a dangerous individual.

Zamasu has been unique that he is the one villain so far to have genuine prejudice. His disdain of mortals and thinking that without them that life will be pure. Zamasu is a God of Creation and this is a huge contrast to the God of Destruction, Beerus. Beerus while capable of destroying a planet with a simple sneeze does not seem to take real glee in his job. Zamasu however ever since crossing the moral event horizon does however as he is almost constantly smug and has a killer’s smile on his face every other time. This also translates over to Goku Black who is as said before is an alternate version of Zamasu who just swapped bodies with Goku.

The whole reason for the Zamasu doing these things is Goku defeating him in a sparring match. This showed to Zamasu just how dangerous mortals can be and also a blow to his ego. The real kicker is that the Zamasu who we are seeing now never met Goku before. Just hearing about his alternate past self tell the story is enough to push him over the edge…more over the edge. Previous villains in Dragon Ball almost always are introduced as villains. Zamasu is the one villain we have gotten to see more of why he’s committing the atrocities that he is. This much needed character development makes him a not so one dimensional villain.

The fact that the show really treats Zamasu like a monster is an added benefit. Zamasu is frequently accompanied by dramatic music and almost always seen in dark backgrounds. Since the revelation of Zamasu as the big bad, seeing him sipping tea in a cottage in the middle of nowhere is very odd and more than likely deliberate. He thinks of himself as such a grand being despite always doing the opposite. The added effect of being immortal has definitely upped his smug level as there is literally nothing that can defeat him. Goku clearly blew his head off in a single blow but it grew back instantly. The monster element is played up more with the return of the Mufuba aka the Evil Containment Wave. This was last seen in Dragon Ball and used on King Piccolo back when Piccolo was believed to be a demon. The fact that this element which hasn’t been seen in years plays up how dangerous Zamasu is and the stakes involved in taking him down.

Now that Zamasu and Goku Black have fused into…Zamasu. This is interesting as even though Goku Black is Zamasu, he doesn’t really respond to that name anymore. So instead of the two being fused and beign called “Zaku” or something like that, they are now just simply Zamasu once again. Now Zamasu has his immortality (possibly) along with Goku Black’s body which gets stronger with every fight. The final stretch of the current arc is playing out and it will be interesting to see how the heroes take care of him. Will the Mufuba be used once again? Will we see the return of Vegito to take down Zamasu? Either way Zamasu is probably the best thing to come out of Super.


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