A Different Side of Thrawn


Grand Admiral Thrawn is the latest antagonist to crew of the Ghost in Star Wars Rebels. Since all previous Extended Universe material featuring Thrawn in Star Wars canon has been deemed, out of continuity, this is effectively a new Thrawn. Though with everything new is the same once again. Though he’s only appeared in two episodes we’ve really gotten a sense of what kind of person that Thrawn is. Cool, calm, collected and respectful of his enemies…maybe even admiring them on some level. Oh and his love of art as he views art as an insight into culture, which is true.

But a very rare moment happened in the episode, Hera’s Heroes. Thrawn losing his cool and nearly strangling Captain Slavin. Throughout the episode, Slavin was pretty much the opposite of Thrawn. He was haughty and full of himself and never a moment goes by where his xenophobia isn’t brought up. Unlike Thrawn he did not have an appreciation for art. Frankly, that was probably the straw that broke the camel’s back.

It’s noteworthy to bring up the racism that goes on in the Galactic Empire. It is made up of entirely humans as far as we know…except for Thrawn. Thrawn is Chiss and although the race is humanoid, they are still blue skinned and have red eyes. We don’t know yet the full extent of how exactly Thrawn rose up in the Empire but it had to be very impressive. So why did Thrawn lose his cool? Something tells me that it was probably the fact that not only was Thrawn irritated at Slavin’s disrespect of art but also tired of his xenophobia.

This was an interesting side to see of Thrawn and it continues the new canon of exploring more of the Empire. It is curious to see where this takes Thrawn. Since the new canon is still being developed, we do not know if he will survive the events of Rebels. What if in this new canon, he decides to defect? The future is unknown and thus exciting.


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