Luke Cage ‘Moment of Truth’ Review

The first episode of Luke Cage has come and gone. If anything it suffers from being very much a first episode. Meaning that there is a lot of set up to the themes that will go on throughout the season. It has been months since Luke was last seen in Jessica Jones, in universe and out. He is laying low in Harlem and working two jobs. One for Pops, a local barbershop owner and the other for Cornell Stokes aka Cottonmouth, local crime lord. But Luke wants to lay low but that all changes when he meets Detective Misty Knight, who was working undercover while Luke was filling in as bartender. A deal gone awry forces Stokes’ hand and it also happens to involve local kids that Luke knows from the barbershop. But Stokes is highly connected as his cousin is local politician Mariah Dillard. Both come from the legacy of Mama Mabel.

If you saw Luke Cage’s appearances on Jessica Jones, he is still following that same path. A man who is trying to live under the radar being as he is a fugitive. You don’t really need to see that show in order to get this one but it does provide some context as to Luke’s state of mind. So the first episode is pretty good but as I said previously, it’s a first episode. You get to see all the players and the effect that they will have on the rest of the series going forward. There is nothing too spectacular about it but it is a solid episode. One that will keep you wanting to watch the next episode. Luke Cage despite his best interests has scratched the surface of a big conspiracy going on in Harlem.


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