Resident Evil 7 Impressions

I have always been a big fan of the Resident Evil franchise. In fact, I am probably one of the few people to defend Resident Evil 6. I can acknowledge that the series had deviated from its more survival horror roots into a more action oriented one. So when Resident Evil 7 was announced and being much more horror oriented than ever. Because let’s be honest, the series was never as horror oriented as some people like to remember. From the first game, you played as an elite police unit who were lured their because they were elite. So now the seventh entry is a first person horror game and you’re seemingly trapped in a house of super powered cannibals.

In the demo, there are hints about the Umbrella Corporation which has has haunted the series from the get go. But what role they play in these events is still unknown. The game is not a reboot of the franchise but a continuation of it. So there’s the big question of how this game will tie into previous events. Since the residents of the house definitely have powers, it is reasonable to expect that they have been infected somehow. Since 5 on, there has been an outbreak of infection throughout the world, so it can be expected to tie into that.

I am cautiously optimistic about this game. I’m really not one who likes horror of any type. Call me a chicken. I remember hearing that there will probably limited gunplay in the game, so it will mostly be horror. There were quite a few jump scares in the demo that I played. I can’t imagine playing a whole game like that without losing my stuff. So as more and more details come out about the game I will keep my eye open for new information. The game will be released in January.


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