Zamasu Revealed But What About Goku Black

The latest episode of Dragon Ball Super finally revealed the situation behind Zamasu. The one who is confronting Goku and company in the alternate timeline is a future Zamasu. This is juxtaposed with seeing Zamasu whom Goku beat in a sparring match days ago starting to enact his plan. I thought as much as the Zamasu from the future looks slightly different. This might be because of his constant smirk while the current Zamasu is constantly stoic still.

But Goku Black is still a mystery? He is not Zamasu unless there are still some tricks here to be revealed. When Goku calls him an ally of Zamasu, Zamasu is quick to say he is not an ally. Instead they have the same dream, which is presumably the destruction of mortals. So who is Goku Black? Is he someone we have yet to meet? Is he someone we have met before but has taken Goku’s form? That mystery is still ongoing. 

This current arc is proving to be the best of Dragon Ball Super. Out heroes are on the ropes as Goku Black is already dangerous but now with Zamasu, they seem to be unstoppable. Even Goku and Vegeta’s Super Saiyan Blue are no match for them. It will be interesting to see how this arc plays out. 


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