DC Rebirth Has Me Loving DC Comics


When DC Rebirth was announced, it was a curious thing. It was not a full on reboot as The New 52 but something else. When finally reading the issue, you really got what they were going for. Something that was missing from DC Comics with The New 52. Legacy. I am someone who equally loves Marvel Comics and DC Comics as each have their own strengths and weaknesses. One of the things that I always loved about DC Comics was their use of legacy. The DC Universe ranged from ancient times to the modern times. The superhero started with The Justice Society of America and the future of the superhero would be continued with the Teen Titans. The New 52 eliminated most of this legacy and put it all in a weird five year period that made no sense.

The time that I was the biggest DC Comics fan was during the “One Year Later” period right after the Infinite Crisis event. This event was not a full on reboot either though it was used to help streamline certain, get rid of what wasn’t working and embrace what was. This is what happened with Rebirth after The New 52. You cannot call The New 52 a failure. There was too much good that came from the event such as Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo’s run on Batman or Brian Azarello’s run on Wonder Woman for example. But there were a lot of things that just weren’t working, particularly Superman. This seems to be the case in Superman in general. If your flagship character is not working, then it kind of affects the rest of the brand.

So with DC Rebirth, it seems to be the best of both worlds. The New 52 was not erased as what was working was kept intact. Just more things were revealed such as the world being the same before the Flashpoint event that started The New 52. The inconsistencies or what wasn’t working in The New 52 was explained as someone (implied to be Doctor Manhattan from Watchmen) as tampering with things. So now you could have certain things that were missing returned such as the red headed Wally West or the original Teen Titans who are now just Titans. DC has also seemingly shied away from their policy of superheroes not being together as Aquaman is now once again engaged to Mera and Green Arrow and Black Canary have started a relationship reminiscent of the one that they had before The New 52.

So far the aftermath of the event has only been going on for about three months. So far, things have been on track. The only problem that I have with the whole thing is the double shipping on certain books. Some of my favorite books have been coming out every two weeks and so it’s hard to keep track without being a drain on the financials. But it is a good time to be a DC Comics fan.


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