No Consequences of Dragon Ball Super

One of the biggest issues that I have with Dragon Ball is that lack of consequences especially in the later arcs. The main characters really have nothing to worry about when they know they can make three wishes to a magical dragon. For example in ‘Resurrection F’, Frieza casually destroys a nearby city. By the end, Bulma also casually mentions how they will use the Dragon Balls to bring back the city and its inhabitants. The nonchalant attitude really brings out some of the worst in people especially someone like Goku. If you’ve noticed since the beginning of Dragon Ball, he has gone from willing to kill his enemies if they are a threat to let my enemies live so I can fight them despite the risk. This has been handwaved due to Saiyans being fight happy but even Vegeta isn’t so cavalier in this regard.

This can all be attributed to the growing power of the Dragon Balls. It used to be only one wish per year and you could only generally bring back one person with said wish. Now there are three wishes and you can bring back multiple people per wish. So with the currently ongoing Future Trunks saga, Goku and Vegeta find themselves in a timeline where there are no Dragon Balls. That means if they die there, they cannot be resurrected. Vegeta has been seriously injured and definitely needs medical attention as soon as possible. Goku is up against an enemy who has no limits and is not one for gloating or trash talking and will go in for the kill. So it is interesting to see how this arc continues to play out.


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