Justice League #3 Review

“The Extinction Machines” Part 3

The arc continues from the previous issues events and picks up maybe a few hours after. Here we learn that Superman is being sent on a potential suicide mission to the Earth’s core. In a poignant moment, we see Superman talking with Lois Lane and their son Jon before his trip. This is all while Batman is keeping his distance but still a voyeur to the intimate family moment. It’s not really touched upon in the issue but this is presumably Batman’s first time seeing this Superman with his family. The other two issues have stated how Batman is wary of this Superman but maybe this will be the turning point in their relationship. Now that he sees this Superman is a man with a family and Lois actually threatens him if something happens to her husband and Jon offers him some cookies, maybe Batman will turn the other cheek towards The Man of Steel.
But the other heroes still have other things to deal with as well. Being are seemingly drawing off of the origin of their abilities. The way each being talks makes it seem like that they are living “arks” as they harvest the inhabitants of the planet in case of the oncoming disaster. The disaster is also the threat that the Justice League has been dealing with since the first issue. So seemingly this is a threat that has happened many times before in Earth’s history. Aquaman is still off on his own separate but connected adventure but it appears it might finally tie in in the next issue.

As Batman and Cyborg send Superman to the center of the Earth, they are attacked by the alien beings from the previous issues. So now they must protect themselves but also Superman’s family. Superman is also in a precarious incident as being in the Earth’s core is no joke. The intense heat and pressure is something that he is surviving but for how long can he do so. But finding a barrier in the Earth’s core and one that is unbreakable is another thing he has to deal with.

The high concept and high action is a theme that continues with this issue. It has been the thing that I have actually loved about the series so far. If you’re going to get the world’s greatest superheroes all together, they have to be facing incredible threats that would justify them being all together. The mystery is still intriguing but it does seem to be padded out. I’m not too sure as to how long this arc is supposed to go on but something needs to happen in the next issue. But it is nice to see a nice rapport between all of the characters and they all have their own distinct voice. Bryan Hitch and Tony Daniels continue to do good work on the series.


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