Goku Black and Zamasu Connection Revealed

And they’re seemingly partners? At the end of the latest episode of Dragon Ball Super, Goku Black and Goku were in the middle of a fight with Goku seemingly on the ropes. But before their fight could end, Zamasu stopped the fight. Revealing that he was promised that he would be the one to kill Goku. So what does this mean? Was Goku Black created by Zamasu? Is he someone else that Zamasu transformed into a lookalike? Is Goku Black still actually Zamasu but from an alternate timeline?
Goku Black is still seemingly not a mortal being. His continued dialogue in the episode reaffirms his hatred of mortals. So he is probably not a mortal and could still be in the running to be Zamasu. They continue to use similar techniques as one another such as the energy blade seen in the episode. Seeing how time travel is such an integral part in the saga, it continues to make things vague at best as to what is going on.

It may be an animation error or something else but Zamasu does look to be older when he appears at the end of the episode. He also speaks as if he hasn’t seen Goku in some time when it’s only been like a few days at best. So we will see as the saga continues to play out. The saga continues to be interesting just as who Goku Black is and if this has all been the work of Zamasu all along.


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