The Rogues Are Coming To Film. Why This Helps Separate The Film and TV 

The Flash movie has had a tough go ever since it was announced. The film was announced a mere two weeks after the television series had premiered. That show was already developing quite the fan base especially around Grant Gustin as Barry Allen/The Flash. The show continued to grow in popularity and this continued to cast a shadow over the film. So the film already has multiple things going against it just because of the popularity of the currently running show.
As footage from Justice League has been released and we get our first real look at Ezra Miller as Barry Allen/The Flash, the TV show and film versions continue to be compared to one another but it is clear the films are going a different direction. But comparisons continue to be drawn and probably to the detriment of both. So how can the film really differentiate itself from the series? The answer lies in the villains. More specifically it lies with The Rogues Gallery.

The film is reportedly to feature multiple villains from The Flash’s villains. It can be assumed that the film is staying away from The Reverse Flash, The Flash’s arch enemy, at the moment because of how tied the character was to the TV series’ first season. That leaves the films in a unique spot. Typically films feature the arch nemesis in the first movie. So that leaves the filmmakers to do something else and of course it has to be different from the show. Something that the show has not really featured is The Rogues. They have been teased here and there and no more than three have appeared together. This can probably be attributed to one thing: budget. 

Television shows have a limited budget per episode. So this makes thing difficult for a show where the main character runs at super speed. This is why a popular Flash villain such as Grodd, a walking and talking gorilla, is hardly seen. This is probably a reason why we never see a villain such as Weather Wizard really get to use his powers to its full potential other than a few instances. Films on the other hand have large budgets and can do a lot more and feature more characters in its running time. You can have The Flash avoiding fire from Heat Wave while running into a lightning storm created by Weather Wizard which might have booby traps by Trickster within it.
As mentioned earlier, the television series never really got to feature the Rogues. Captain Cold, typically the leader of the Rogues, was a widely popular character and shifted onto the sister show Legends of Tomorrow. On that show, he became much more of an anti hero. His comrade, Heat Wave, also followed the same path and so two of the most popular members of the Rogues were pretty much unusable. Though Captain Cold looks to be returning to his villainous ways in the upcoming TV season, he is notably not with The Rogues but with another group: The Legion of Doom.

So this is a prime opportunity for the movie Flash to set itself apart from the TV Flash. The Flash made a brief cameo in Suicide Squad where he apprehended Captain Boomerang. Who is to say that he hasn’t done that for some of his other villains as well. Though not much is made of it, is is accepted that The Flash is an active superhero and is already having many adventures. There does not seem to be much work to be done establish the Flash already having a group of villains who already have a grudge against him. All you have to have is a little montage of The Flash stopping their various crimes and that’s that.

The TV series looks to be leaning more and more on speedster villains as the “big bads” of the seasons. The Rogues are mostly crooks with technical know how. While they may not be the smartest individually, they are still dangerous with their cunning. Together they can prove to be a challenge to even The Fastest Man Alive. So if these rumors turn out to be true, who should be cast as the infamous Rogues? Do you think the Rogues are a good fit to be the villains of The Flash movie or should it be another threat?

You know you would love to see this live action


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