Zamasu Is Shaping Up To Be One Of The Most Interesting Dragon Ball Characters


In the latest saga of Dragon Ball Super, we have been introduced to Zamasu. He is a Kai of Universe 10 who is being groomed to be the Supreme Kai of that universe. The Kai’s are something that have been introduced into the Dragon Ball universe with the Saiyan saga. They are benevolent gods of their universes. With each passing saga, more and more have been revealed about them. Nonetheless, while some may have been a bit of jerks none were actually bad. This all started to come about with Dragon Ball Super.

We were introduced to Beerus, who is the God of Destruction. He was the first God to be introduced who was much more of a jerk than usual. Needless he has mellowed out after his epic fight with Goku and in fact seems to like him. So now that the evil Goku Black has revealed himself and is sporting a time ring, there has been question about his identity. The Supreme Kai of Universe 10, Gowasu, is the one entrusted with keeping the time rings. So Goku, Beerus and Whis, Beerus’ advisor decide to visit Gowasu to find out what exactly is going on.

Immediately, we were introduced to Zamasu who is respectful of Beerus but that fades immediately upon seeing Goku. Goku, is a mortal, and Zamasu has a problem with that. We are treated to his inner thoughts and he is appalled at the sight of Goku interacting with Gods especially himself. Goku who is not the smartest person in the world and is somewhat unusually more fight happy than usual does not give out the best first impression. Coming off as abrasive and pushy does not Zamasu’s opinion on mortals even better. It gets even worse from there.

The two get into a “friendly” sparring match. Gowasu insisted than Zamasu do it as a test in humility. Goku eventually wins the fight and even though he does not make anything of it, he is clearly holding back. Mentioning how he fought Beerus and is still alive reaffirms that. Zamasu is so offended by this that he was going to attack Goku who was just extending a helping hand. It becomes clear that Zamasu has become obsessed with Goku from this point on.

So why is Zamasu so different? This is the first instance where he see a villain in Dragon Ball who genuinely has some sot of bigotry. Most of the villains have been power mad at best such as Frieza and others have been pure savage such as Buu. Zamasu hates mortals with a passion. It is implied he has been this way for a while as Gowasu makes a mention of him learning to control himself. While mortals interacting with Gods had been established as being odd, him seeing Goku immediately is disgust.

As the episodes progress we learn that he views mortals as savages. He is not completely wrong in his statement as mortals are capable of extreme violence. The problem lies is that he views Gods as above all of this. Even Gowasu tells him that mortals are not all that bad and Gods themselves are not all that good either. That everyone is flawed. This does not gel with Zamasu. He views Gods as the best of the best but is a total hypocrite in this regard. When confronted by a beast who is about to attack him, instead of simply moving out of the way or blocking, he decides to kill the beast. Gowasu is disturbed by this and even Zamasu…not for long though.

Zamasu and Gowasu were unaware as to the specifics why they were visited by Beerus, only knowing that it was something about the time ring. Goku Black, who spours very similar rhetoric to his dislike of mortals, as Zamasu. Are they one in the same? They have been noted to have similar yet different ki energy. When comparing Goku Black to Goku, Black has a much slimmer build and more relaxed fighting style. Both are traits that Zamasu has. But are they one in the same? Is Zamasu just a creator of Black? Or is it a red herring? Either way Zamasu is not a good person and not so above it all like he claims.


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