Celebrating The 15th Anniversary of ‘Devil May Cry’


15 years ago today, Devil May Cry, was released on the Playstation 2. Truthfully I was late to the party when it came to this game. I did not get my PS2 until Christmas of 2001. Also since I was only 12 years old at the time, I did not have any funds for myself. So I could only get a video game every now and then excluding birthdays and holidays. But as I read magazines about games for the PS2, I kept hearing more and more about this game called Devil May Cry. I also kept hearing more about how popular the main character Dante was becoming. So around August 2002, I finally got my hands on a copy of Devil May Cry.


I was instantly hooked on the game. It was fast and kinetic and had a spooky atmosphere to it. This made sense as the game first started off as Resident Evil 4 before developing into its own thing. Dante was a pretty on the surface level character at first. He was a cocky motormouth and someone who can definitely back up all the trash talk that he was spewing. As the game progressed we learned a bit more about what drove him to be a demon hunter. He was a half human/half demon hybrid who lost his mother to a demon attack and his father (the demon) was believed to be dead or missing. He also had a twin brother who he believed to have lost to demons but we learn that was not the case.


The game was not too deep but it was engaging and by the end of the game, you definitely wanted more. Dante was a compelling enough character where you can see him carrying on a franchise. I played all four games in the original canon of the game and even the anime spin off. The franchise has certainly left its mark in video game history. Where the series goes from here on is still up in the air. If the series does not continue, the original four games are always available within Xbox Live and Playstation Network.


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