I’m Loving ‘The Return of Future Trunks’ Arc

Dragon Ball Super has been going on for some time now. The first two arcs were just expanded stories of the two movies, Battle of the Gods and Resurrection of F. So while those two were going on, I had no interest. Then there was the Universe Tournament arc and while that was slightly more interesting and harkened back to the Dragon Ball part of the saga, it still didn’t grab. Then I got word about the return of the Future Trunks. The Android/Cell saga was probably my favorite arc in the Dragon Ball Z era. So this being a sort of sequel to it just makes me a bit more inclined to like it. Just like that arc, we know who the villain is from the beginning but there is a mystery involved.

The villain? Goku. Well more accurately it’s someone either posing as Goku, possession of Goku’s dead body or something else. Either way, he is referred to as Black due to his wearing of black clothing and not to tarnish the true Goku’s legacy. All we know is that he suddenly appeared in Future Trunks’ timeline and has been on a mass murdering spree. Killing every single mortal he has come across and the only reason Future Trunks’ survived their encounter is due to time travel. Well Goku Black can also travel through time as well.

In the present, everyone is troubled by Goku Black. Even Beerus and Whis are uneasy about him as they have no idea who or what he is and one is a God and the other is a God’s teacher. Goku and Black get into a fight, neither showing their real potential and holding back the entire time. It is clear though that there is something different about Goku Black. He even says that he is glad to fight Goku in “this form”. The only thing we know for sure is that he has possession of a time ring, which only Kais can have and what looks like a fusion earring. Goku is able to successfully send Black to the future but they know that they have to go to that time and put a stop to him for once and for all.
So the big mystery of the arc is just who Black exactly is. There is one suspect and that is Zamasu, a Kai from Universe 10. He is a Kai who already has a major issue with mortals as it is. At first he seems to be more aloof about mortals. But after a “friendly” sparring match with Goku and realizing that mortals can match the power of a God, it grows to hatred and disgust. It is noteworthy that during their fight that Zamasu has a very similar ki to Goku Black. Even Beerus and Whis think they are one and the same but Goku is not convinced. 

The mystery of who exactly Black is is interesting. All clues point to it being Zamasu. He even uses a time travel ring in a recent episode. Both Black and Zamasu have a similar disgust with mortals. Zamasu has become obsessed with Goku after his defeat. Why not become the very thing that you are so fixated on? But it is so obvious that it makes me wonder if it is just a red herring. Maybe it’s not even a red herring and they are being so obvious that it is just the audience thinking it is a mystery. 

Now it looks like Goku, Vegeta and Future Trunks have come to the future. It is still a desolate wasteland and probably even worse now that Black has gone unchallenged. No doubt Goku and Vegeta will confront Black with their Super Saiyan Blue forms. But Goku Black has his own…Super Saiyan Rose. 


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