‘Luke Cage’ Trailer Reaction 

The trailer for the series of Luke Cage has been released. Consider me officially excited to watch the show. I mean I already was excited but this looks to be as different from Jessica Jones as that show was from Daredevil. The trailer really gave a sense about the the show. This is about Luke Cage wanting to save Harlem. Just like Daredevil was out to save Hell’s Kitchen and Jessica Jones was out to save people from Killgrave, it will certainly not be easy for our hero.

We see that Luke is still reluctant about his powers and what he should do with them. An older man is urging him to use his powers for good. We already know that this is going to happen. So it will be interesting to see what makes Luke decide to take up action. It is very clear that this is not a problem that Luke can solve with his fist. In fact it looks like he is causing even more problems by upsetting the status quo.  The trailer shows police officer Misty Knight who seems to be something of a love interest and good natured antagonist to our protagonist.

There is also a heavy dose of Claire Temple played by Rosario Dawson in the trailer. She was more of a tertiary character in Daredevil and just a guest star in Jessica Jones. Since the series takes place in Harlem and it will also feature her mother who is played by Sonia Braga, expect a large role for Claire. There was chemistry between her and Luke in their brief interaction in Jessica Jones, who knows how it will play out here.

The villain Cottonmouth played by Mahershala Ali really gets highlighted here. It is known that he is involved in the drug trade and probably more. As far as we know at this point, Cottonmouth does not have any sort of powers or abilities. Definitely more of a mental enemy to Luke’s more physical hero. Though we do see Cottonmouth seemingly beating someone to a bloody mess. Talk about who will be the king of of Harlem will no doubt play a large role in the feud between the two. The Netflix villains of the Marvel Cinematic Universe have yet to disappoint.


Alfre Woodard as Mariah Dillard (who is also known as villainess Black Mariah in the comics) is not a focal point in the trailer but she will no doubt be a major player in the series. She is seen being a politician and talking about how Harlem is a wonderful place. She is also seen interacting with Cottonmouth in what looks to be his front for his illegal activities. Will she be an antagonist to Luke? Will she be an ally? Will she be both? No doubt that she will be someone important. Maybe Harlem is not looking for a King but a Queen instead.

Either way Luke Cage looks to be another diverse step in the Netflix Marvel Cinematic Universe. This show is unapologetic show about Harlem and the residents of the borough. The residents that are full of black and brown faces. Dealing with issues that faces areas that are populated with people of color in America. How will this show mix these real life issues with the more fantastical that comes with superheroes will the least be interesting to see. Luke Cage will be released on September 30th.

  • A nod to the original comics incarnation of Luke Cage who wear a silver tiara and silver bracelets. They seemingly managed to work it into the prison experiment that gave him his powers.


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