‘Suicide Squad’ Review

“Is the Suicide Squad right for this mission? Not really”


Suicide Squad is the third entry in the DC Extended Universe. This film is unique as not only because it is the third film in a growing franchise but also the first superhero film to star the super villains. Task Force X aka the Suicide Squad is a unique unit made up of villains that populate the DC Universe. The team is composed of Deadshot, Harley Quinn, Diablo, Killer Croc, Captain Boomerang and Slipknot as the criminals. Then there is Katana who is there on her voilition and the unit is led by Col. Rick Flagg. The entire operation is being headed by the shady Amanda Waller. Together they have to stop a new threat while also contending with the x-factor that is The Joker.


At least that’s what you think is the plot going into the movie. The Joker is basically a nonentity in this movie. If you removed him from the movie, there would be little to no changes to the actual plot. The plot is arguably the weakest part of the movie. The villain of the piece is the definition of generic. There is no connection to their plight and the villain army is bland and not memorable. The latter half of the third act has its moment but it does turn into a CGI mess. The entire premise of why Task Force X exists is compelling itself but the mission they are on does not really necessitate them being there. This is backed up by the fact that they are constantly surrounded by Special Ops soldiers who are doing the exact same thing they are doing. Since this is a big budget movie, it seemed like the writers were forced to have a bigger mission when it seems like the mission should have been smaller.


The Squad themselves help the movie not fall into bad territory. The three primary focuses are on Deadshot, Harley Quinn and Rick Flagg. The others are there and serve their more supporting roles. Diablo is one that stands out the most as he is the one who is most hesitant to be a villain. Killer Croc and Captain Boomerang both get their moments. The only one who seems short shifted was Katana. Since this was a large ensemble cast, it was expected that not everyone would get their time to shine.


Viola Davis as Amanda Waller is probably the true standout. The government official who creates Task Force X all in the name of the “greater good”. Though one does not doubt her statements on how she wants to do good, she is no angel. One could argue that she is probably the true villain of the movie. Waller is cold and calculating and despite being confronted by crocodile men and killer clowns, she never flinches. If anyone has the biggest potential in the DC Extended Universe, it is her and a certain post credits scene confirms this.


You may have noticed that Jared Leto as The Joker has hardly come up. That is because The Joker is hardly in the movie. So if you’re going into the movie expecting to see Jared Leto, you should not. His scenes are sparse and spread throughout. There were even times that I forgot that he was an entity within the movie. It’s hard to gauge his performance. Leto is charismatic as a more mob boss type of Joker but there is not much to chew It certainly was not boring but it feels like his role should have been only relegated to flashbacks. But since this is The Joker and played by an Academy Award winning actor, he will no doubt appear more in future movies.


There is a controversy surrounding the movie about how much studio interference is present. It is easy to see that there was something off about the film. There were certain editing choices that completely threw me off. Certain characters can be in one setting in one scene and then in a completely different one in the next scene. No way of knowing as to how they got there. There are scenes like that throughout the movie to the movie’s detriment. The soundtrack is a whole other issue. Popular songs play throughout and while some work, others do not. If there are validations to those rumors, these are the elements that people can point to.

Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad is a flawed film. There is no way of getting around that at all. Did I leave disappointed? Yes. Did I still enjoy the film? Also yes. The cast of the Suicide Squad itself kept the movie entertaining. If there are more films, it would be refreshing to see the core cast of the team return. They definitely bring their own uniqueness to it and help save the film. If you are interested in seeing where the DC Extended Universe is going, it’s worth checking out. If you’re not, I can’t see why you would be interested in this movie.

SCORE: 6.5/10



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