Justice League #1 Review

“The Extinction Machine” kicks off

Following the one shot Justice League: Rebirth issue, the series proper has kicked off. Immediately it kicks off with action and little set up to how we got there. The only thing known is that there are multiple extinction level events going off around the world and the eight Justice League members are dealing with them. While things such as earthquakes might be common, the fact that there are so many happening shows that something is wrong. It doesn’t help that the civilians around each hero seemingly gets taken over by a mysterious force who also manages to cancel that hero’s powers.

Each member of the team gets a moment to shine except for Superman but more on that later. This is what the Justice League is all about. Saving the world from the bigger threats. The only hero who doesn’t get much to shine is Superman as he is something of a mere cameo in this issue. It’s not fully known but considering that this new Superman is actually the old Superman, he appears to be aloof to his teammates. All the members are in constant contact with one another except for Superman who seems to draw the suspicion of Batman.

The mystery of who or what is behind the events is sure to be the main mystery of the arc and also the why. They are using similar type of insectoids seen in the Rebirth one shot. The Justice League is probably one of its more powerful incarnations, they are sure to rise to the challenge. This is still very much a first issue even though it is something of a second issue but there is a lot of setup. We do see interesting character beats as the previously mentioned suspicions of Batman towards Superman and the two new Green Lanterns not being sure of themselves. Wonder Woman looks to be shaping up to be the leader of the team.
When Bryan Hitch talked about this series and considering his previous Justice League of America series right before this one, he is all about the action. Hitch is known for popularizing the “widescreen action” in comics and even though he does not draw this issue, it still shows in his writing. The artist, Tony Daniel, has always been a great artist and it continues to show here. From the opening pages of Wonder Woman literally dropping into the middle of a warzone to the underwater goings of Aquaman, his art never stutters. He seems to be the perfect artist for this type of ensemble book.

It is a good way to start of the premiere title for the DC Universe. This is the big action book about the top heroes. I was not the biggest fan of the issue as it was a little too light on plot but there is enough of a kernel to keep me coming back for more. I am mostly intrigued about how Superman is going to interact with this team. A fun read nonetheless.



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