‘Daredevil’ Season Three Speculation 

The third season of Daredevil was announced at San Diego Comic Con 2016. This series is no doubt a ways off as there are multiple series scheduled to appear ahead of it. A good guess is that the series won’t debut until 2018. So that leaves a while as to what exactly the season will be about. There is also The Defenders series which will no doubt pick up plot points from Daredevil. But is fun to speculate about what it will be about.

The seminal Born Again storyline from Daredevil is the obvious example of what the season could pull from. Towards the end of the second season, there were strong hints that Daredevil’s archnemesis, Wilson Fisk aka The Kingpin, was starting to figure out that Matt Murdock and Daredevil were one in the same. The plot of Born Again starts off with Fisk learning this and exploiting the fact by systematically destroying Murdock’s life. 

Since the Marvel shows more or less function in real time, there will have been about two years since we last saw Fisk who was incarcerated. No doubt with his influence, he could have found a way to gotten out of that situation. He also promised to ruin Murdock’s life in a violent confrontation between the two. 

Matt’s life was also on something of a downward spiral by the end of the second season. So it wouldn’t be a stretch to see Fisk just making things all that worse for him. Obviously things would have to be changed as the feud between Daredevil and Kingpin isn’t as personal as it in the comics. But who’s to say it can’t get that way. 

There is one antagonist of Daredevil’s who has yet to be even hinted at. The mysterious assassin Bullseye. Not much is known about the man except he has incredible aim and is incredibly psychotic. If Daredevil hates what The Punished does yet understands him, Daredevil just hates Bullseye. The killer who kills because he finds it fun and is only an assassin because it gives him a front to act out his murderous urges. 

The fact that Bullseye has yet to be used has not gone unnoticed. The producers are even aware and remain coy. So it seems that it will only be a matter of time before we see the assassin make an appearance. Daredevil and Kingpin are foes that can’t really face off too often. That can’t be said about Daredevil and Bullseye. 

Season three of Daredevil is still a ways off. The Netflix side of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is still shaping. Who knows what twists and turns it will take by the time season three begins. Either way it will probably be another great season just as the previous two have been. 


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