‘Wonder Woman’ Trailer Reaction


The first trailer for Wonder Woman dropped during San Diego Comic Con 2016 and it was amazing. This has been a movie that I have been looking forward to since this whole DC Extended Universe has gotten off of the ground. There is no skirting around the issue but the superhero genre of film has been devoid of diversity. It has been typically about white males and the few female superheroes are usually part of ensemble movies. Wonder Woman is the first in a wave of change and it looks to be off to a great start.

I am not the biggest Wonder Woman fan myself. She is probably my fourth favorite female superhero. Even though I am not a big fan of the character, I can say that I am familiar with her various origins. The most common one is pilot Steve Trevor washes ashore Themiscayra aka Paradise Island aka the home of the Amazons. Diana aka Wonder Woman is the one to find her and this pairing is what brings her into “man’s world”. This movie is a period piece and takes place during World War I.

A unique setting as World War I isn’t really covered that much in popular compared to World War II. Anyone familiar with history can tell you that the first World War is when war took on a whole new dangerous and nastier face. During her appearance in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, Wonder Woman hinted that something happened 100 years ago that turned her off from man’s world. So what happened during the events of this movie that left her to become the somewhat jaded and cynical person we meet in Batman v. Superman?

Chris Pine as Steve Trevor is also unique as since this is a female lead superhero movie, he essentially plays the role that women have played in superhero movies. I won’t necessarily say him doing this is “brave” but it is one you wouldn’t expect a Hollywood leading man to make. But times are changing and so are the roles. So it is appreciated and nice to see that he did this. Since he is such a name actor, it makes me wonder if he will survive this movie or he might have an identical grandson type of situation.

Patty Jenkins, is the director on this film. Her last major film was the critically acclaimed film Monster in 2003. She was in fact supposed to direct Thor: The Dark World but left due to creative differences. Jenkins has a unique situation as she is directing the highest grossing film to be directed by a woman and also the first major female superhero film in decades. I have full confidence that she has risen to the challenge of this film. The action scenes look great, there looks to be a good balance between humor and serious, and there is definite chemistry between the two leads in Gal Gadot and Chris Pine.
Wonder Woman comes out on June 2, 2017. This is a very important film. It looks to set the tone for the future of the superhero genre as it is shaking things up in a good way. This trailer was only the first step. Wonder Woman has always been a household name but you’d be pressed to find anyone who knows anything substantial about the character. Things will definitely change come 2017.


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