Batman – The Telltale Series Impressions


Telltale Games is the studio developer who is behind such recent adventure games as The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us. The Walking Dead in particular was such a critical darling that it put the studio on the map and people eagerly anticipate what their next title would be. So it came as a welcome surprise that they would be tackling Batman.

Since Telltale Games are known for their adventure gameplay and story and less on action, many wondered how they would tackle Batman. Details soon came out that It would explore how both Bruce Wayne and Batman go about saving the city. There are certain things that Bruce Wayne can do that Batman can’t do and vice versa. The duality of Bruce Wayne/Batman is rarely ever given depth in video games. 

The plot seems to be based loosely off of Batman: Year One. We see a James Gordon who is only barely graying at the temples. Harvey Dent, who will become Two-Face, is running for District Attorney. Batman is encountering Catwoman for the first time. The main advesary appears to be mob boss Carmine Falcone. These were all elements in Year One. Though it doesn’t appear to be Batman’s first year as he has a decked out arsenal already. It will be interesting if this only pertains to the first episode or the series as a whole.

Telltale Games has earned my trust when it comes to their gameplay and storytelling. It will be interesting to see how they create their own Batman mythos. No doubt if this game is a success then we will be seeing more adventures with this Batman. The first episode will be released August 2nd. 


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