What Has Me Excited For ‘Rogue One’: War

Though war has always been in the title of Star Wars, it always came with the added element of fantasy to it. This has to do with the element of The Force. Rogue One will be the first film in the series not to not heavily feature that element. This will be from the perspective of the Rebel Alliance on their most important mission. The mission that locked off the very first Star Wars movie to be released. The mission to steal the plans of the Death Star.

Gareth Edwards, the director of the film, has chosen a unique approach to this film. He has hired people who have worked on Saving Private Ryan, Black Hawk Down and Zero Dark Thirty to work on this film. These films were known for being gritty and intense. Can you really say that about any Star Wars film? This sets the tone that this film is trying to be something different from all proceeding Star Wars films. This will be the first in the anthology series brand of films. Ones that are not so connected to Skywalker family and their many woes.

This film is very much about a team. The Rebel Alliance has always played a part in the films. But it really stuck to about four or five characters. There are about nine characters who make up the cast of the protagonists. They range from humans to aliens to droids. War is fought by the many and it will be interesting to see how the war has affected this ensemble cast.

All of the imagery released for the film has been all about showing that these are people caught up in a war. Running desperately for their lives. The characters looking exhausted and covered in dirt and grit. When we see images of the Death Troopers, there is one particular haunting image of them on a beach front and holding a doll of a Stormtrooper. This is imagery that is directly taken from war photos in the real world. Who know what that Death Trooper just did or is about to do?

Gareth Edwards looks to deliver the first truly different Star Wars film. He has even said that it is important to pay respects to a film franchise but you have to take risks if you’re going to get anything different. I think this is an important thought process about the movie. He needs to make a Star Wars movie that feels like a Star Wars movie yet has its own unique flavor. Going into The Force Awakens  I knew that the film was going to have to play it safe. Rogue One has me a bit more excited because I do not know what to make of it just yet.


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