What Has Me Excited For ‘Rogue One’: The Death Troopers

As we get closer to the release of Rogue One, more and more details about the film is being released. We have already seen that the film will be more of a visceral and more emphasis on the war aspect as there will be little use of the Force in the movie. Since this film deals heavily about a group of Rebels stealing the plans to the Empire’s super weapon, it is time for the Empire to eliminate this threat. So we are introduced to the Death Troopers. 

The Death Troopers are a specific group of Stormtroopers. They are an elite group and as their name flat out says, they are about death. Since the plans for the Death Star are crucial to the Empire’s rule of the galaxy, it would make sense for them to pull out all the stops to retrieve them. Director Orson Krennic is the one in charge of security for the Death Star as well as the Death Troopers. 

Let’s be honest, the Stormtroopers are something of a joke. They are infamous for their bad aim, the butt of jokes and just being incompetent for the most part. This is a way of rectifying this notion with this new form of trooper. All imagery involved with them has been striking. They are decked out in all black and have extra armor and larger than a regular Stormtrooper. 

All imagery that has been released involving them has been an example of using contrast. They have been shown on brightly lit beaches and surrounded by fire. Their all black armor in these bright landscapes help to highlight that this is an extreme squad. They are ones that are not to be messed with. 

It will be interesting to see their effect on Star Wars canon going forward. Will they only be in this movie? Will they appear in series such as Star Wars Rebels which is set around this time period. Death Troopers are something to keep your eye on. 


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