What Has Me Excited For ‘Rogue One’: Director Orson Krennic

When the first imagery from Rogue One was revealed, we were introduced to a man decked out in a primarily white outfit. Many assumed that this might be a new interpretation of Thrawn. All anyone knew is that he was being played by acclaimed actor Ben Mendelshon. Soon we were told his name and title. Director of Advanced Weapons Research Orson Krennic. 

Director Krennic is the one in charge of the development of the Death Star. As that superweapon is in the final stages of its development, the last thing that he needs is the Rebel Alliance messing with his plans. Described as “cruel yet brilliant” he would no doubt have to be as he is a high ranking member of the Galactic Empire and has to answer to Emperor Palpatine and Darth Vader. His bodyguards and glorified goons are the Death Troopers. 

Krennic is exciting because other than a handful of people, we dont really know how the Empire operates. We know that a lot of members are just simply serving in the military and do not know they are actually working for a secret Sith Lord. Is Krennic one of these people? How did he become the one in charge of the security and development of the Death Star? Why does he believe in a weapon that can destroy a planet in an instant?

Ben Mendelshon is a fine actor and looks to not be a generic villain. It will be interesting to see if Krennic appears in other Star Wars media such as Rebels which takes places only a few years before this movie. Will he survive the events of this movie to be seen again in future movies? The possibilities are endless. The future is exciting for Orson Krennic.


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