What Role Will Darth Maul Play in ‘Star Wars Rebels’ Season 3?

At the end of the second season of Star Wars Rebels Darth Maul made his grand return to Star Wars lore and made a big impact. Tempting young Ezra into joining him and the Dark Side while blinding Kanan. The season ended with him fleeing as his plans to turn Ezra were thrawted but it was clear that he was not done and would be seen again. 
Darth Maul was all over promotion for the third season of Rebels. It seems that he will be playing a major role this upcoming season. Ezra was last seen in season two embracing the Dark Side more and more. Promos seem to show that Maul will continue to be thorn in the side of the cast of Rebels. What does he want exactly?

We know from his appearances in Clone Wars and the comic Darth Maul: Son of Dathomir that he wants a legacy and revenge. After being discarded by Palpatine, Maul created his own force that challenged Palpatine’s. In fact it was so great that Palpatine actually got involved himself instead of leaving it to others. Losing his brother, Savage Opress, in the encounter and soon being tortured. 

Palpatine once again caused Maul personal pain and loss as he murdered his mother, Mother Talzin. Talzin was the leader of Nightsisters, which was another threat to Palpatine’s plans. Once again Maul lost another potential legacy and a family he never got the chance to know. Escaping once again but this time not to be seen over over close to two decades. 

When we meet him in Rebels, he is looking for a Sith superweapon in an ancient Sith temple. We learn that not even Palpatine or  Darth Vader knew about this temple before this point. So how did he learn about it? Needless to say he did not get his hands on the weapon and that brings us up to season three. 

Maul’s interest in Ezra is clearly not over. He is looking for a legacy and he feels that Ezra is the best person to start that. There was also a sneak peek of a future episode where Maul has kidnapped the crew of the Ghost except for Kanan and Ezra. He has plans for them. Showing Ezra and Maul experimenting with the Sith holocron that the former received in the latter half of season two. This is where we see the battle for Ezra continuing as Maul goads him on while Kanan wants him not to continue.

We have yet to actually see the Emperor proper on Star Wars Rebels. Will his former apprentice coming back be enough to draw him out once again? Maul is almost certainly not done with Palpatine. Since the Sith operate under the “Rule of Two” and The Emperor and Darth Vader filling that role and now Maul wants an apprentice, conflict is brewing. Either way Darth Maul is back and bringing trouble with him.


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